Setting holiday intentions + soul fueled gifting


According to my inbox, the holiday season is officially upon us.

I loved getting the landslide of emails yesterday with all of the exciting sales and offers and I loved seeing emails from my fellow Soul Fueled CEOs spotlighting their amazing products and services. 

And, most especially, I loved being able to put a huge dent in my holiday shopping while sitting on my couch, snuggled up in my pjs.

I've made a solemn vow to myself that this holiday season is going to be about intention, memory making and slowing down to take in these sweet moments. 

But, if you're anything like me, as a recovering perfectionists and control-freak, there's nothing like a 25 day sprint to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone feels loved and appreciated in our lives, to get us caught up in the swirl all over again.

So with the arrival of the holiday hustle, I wanted to send over a little guide to help you navigate this year's holiday season with the utmost ease and grace. 

Here are my top 5 tips for an intentional and soul fueled holiday season:

1. Ask yourself how you want to feel when it's done.

My biz and life bestie, Rachel Camfield, asks me this question every time I am ramping up for something really big. The subtle question, "How do you want to feel when it's done?" gives me the opportunity to see my world from a bird's eye view, it allows me to zoom out on the big picture and remember why I said yes in the first place . It's a phenomenal reframer and tool to help you remember to be where your feet are. Ask yourself how you want to feel when you're sitting in a sea of wrapping paper and you're reflecting on another year of your life rolling onward.

2. Have a plan and stick to it.

I sent my sister-in-law a text yesterday and said, "I think we should focus on one gift per kid this year and keep it really simple, what do you think?" She wrote back with an exuberant and resounding yes. 

Ben and I have agreed on 2 gifts each that are super functional and useful things we both have been wanting. We have big goals for 2017...we're building an addition on our home and we're working hard at paying off our final consumer debt payments. The holidays can be fun and still work with the bigger picture of our family budget. 

3. Stay organized.

We recently started using an app called AnyList for our grocery shopping. You can create a family grocery list and your partner can add to it at any time. When you're using it in the store, you can tick the boxes on the things you've grabbed and whoever you share the list with will get a notification so they know you're at the store and can add any last minute items when you're actually at the store. We also started using it for holiday gift lists and meal planning, it's a total game changer and a money saver!

4. Gift intentionally.

How can you use the products and services you've worked so hard to create or to partner with, more intentionally?

Instead of purchasing individual gifts for all of your girlfriends, what about hosting a "pamper party" or a pop-up holiday photo shoot with your photographer gal pal? What about a holiday gift swap? 

Instead of buying your kids' teachers a candle from Homegoods, what about gifting something from your own network marketing business? 

How can you leverage what you're already doing to gift more intentionally, with greater ease in a way that will benefit your biz? 

Let's work smarter, not harder this holiday season, friends.

5. Take advantage of the AMAZING holiday sales happening right now!

Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday and Cyber Monday are for real.

And I realized that I have never really delved in to the shopping holiday because, frankly, I wasn't that organized. 

This year I finished shopping for our little one by 9:00 am yesterday and grabbed the few things she has been asking for for the last few months (life-sized unicorn, included) and I just have a few more things to tick off the list and I can call the 2016 shopping season done!

In the spirit of the *bananas* sales happening right now, I wanted to stop and share a few of my most favorite things (with some incredible, never-seen-before offers) with you. Make sure to act fast, they expire on Monday night!

DIY Legal Templates with Lisa Fraley - 50% OFF through Monday

One of my best biz gal pals, Legal Coach Lisa Fraley, is offering an INSANE sale on her DIY Legal Templates right now. 50% off all of the legal docs you need to get your biz protected. If you've been feeling the tug to get those terms & conditions sorted, or your website disclaimer up, here's your chance for half-off. 
Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to take advantage of the discount.

Clarity Coaching Power Hour with Amber - 50% OFF through Monday

I took my Clarity Coaching Power Hours off the shelf this summer to make space for my Transformational Brand + Biz Mentorship program. I couldn't resist the urge to dive in to the holiday sales offerings with ya'll and for those of you who have been's your chance to get on a call to totally transform your brand and biz in 60 minutes or less. 

Need help getting your website in order? Packages, pricing and programs sorted? Crystal clear clarity on how you best serve your clients and how to map it out for a stellar 2017? Warning: These sessions have been known to completely transform your life, biz and bottom line and are 50% off (Just $197!!! through Monday at midnight ET). 
Use the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to take advantage of the discount.

Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets - 20% OFF through Monday

I've been a huge brand fan of Lara Casey's for a few years now and finally took the plunge to purchase her beloved Power Sheets yearly planner. I am so excited to dig in with a sparkly new planner for 2017 and invite you to join me. She's offering 20% off until Monday on this sweet bundle that includes her book Making Things Happen. #girlpower

Arbonne - Vegan-Certified Skincare, Makeup + Nutrition Products - 50% OFF Select Packages

Let's face it..our faces MATTER, especially when we are our brands. I started using Arbonne's goodies on my skin at the beginning of 2016 and I became a massive brand fan and dove head first in to their (vegan) nutrition and makeup products too (and even dropped 10 pounds with their Essentials program). My husband uses the men's line and the nutrition products and our little one uses the baby care goodies at bath time. As a mother and wife, I was so excited about finding these products and the company promise of pure, safe and beneficial with their vegan certification after years of struggling to find something that was health-conscious and actually worked. As a business woman, I was so excited to open the doors to my own Arbonne biz to leverage my time and money with a product I believe in. If you're interested in checking out the products or learning more about weaving the biz in to your life and brand, hit REPLY on this email and we can chat.  

Spellbox Monthly Subscription- 5% OFF

My friend Paige Filliater came up with the idea of creating a monthly subscription box that combines some of our most favorite spiritual tools with our everyday lives. Each box is consciously and carefully curated with 4-6 full size items, which include: crystals, jewelry, aromatherapy and more. I am a huge fan of all things crystals (they're in all of my pockets and all around our home), aromatherapy and integrating spiritual tools in to our businesses and lives. This is such an amazing little gift for a soul sister or yourself! 
Use the code AMBERSTRIBE to receive 5% off every month with unlimited access to The Coven, the official members area. This offer expires on Tuesday. 

Happy gifting, Friend!

And don't forget to treat yo-self.

With deep + profound gratitude, 



PS - I have cracked open the doors on our Brand Love Studio brand design services again (website, custom logo design, soul fueled brand/biz coaching and more). I am accepting applications for a limited number of soul sisters. If you are ready to create magic together, click here to get on the calendar so we can chat about your sparkly vision.   

PPS - I am a proud and grateful affiliate of some of the programs and products mentioned above.

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