Set your soul ablaze with The Soul Fire Summit

I am so colossally excited to share this with you...I couldn’t wait til tomorrow to get out this message.

I just had one of the most epic interviews of my life and was even called a “female Tony Robbins” after we wrapped (heart eyes!)

We went deep and I shared many stories I’ve never shared before about leaving my career to become a mamapreneur and exactly how I took the steps (long nights and fearless faith, included) to make that big leap.

My friend Laura Sprinkle invited me to be a guest speaker on her Soul Fire Summit.

The mission of these sessions is to inspire you and show you that no matter where you're at... you are totally meant to go for your dreams.



And together we had an EPIC interview.

When Laura called me a female Tony Robbins, she had no idea he is one of my greatest mentors!

The Soul Fire Summit started Monday as it highlights the ups, downs, and crazies of being an entrepreneur and passionate soul on a mission.

This is a movement for setting your soul ablaze, it’s also an interview series where people just like you - Nisha Moodley, Kate Northrup, Mike Watts and Gena Shingle Jaffe - share their own transformation stories.

We break it down in to the actual STEPS we took to launch our successful businesses and to live our versions of freedom.

There are 2 videos each day that are available for 24 hours only.

My interview is tomorrow on Wednesday 3/9 so be sure to catch it and see how I almost brought Laura to tears 4 times!

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That glow inside you...that’s why you’re here.

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