Want your soul-based brand to soar? See how I am sharing mine in the Success With Soul Summit

This week has been amazing as I have stepped up to share the my latest creation with you, Brand You Breakthrough.

When a friend asked me what drove me to create this program, I had no other answer than to say, “Because I NEEDED to.”

Real descriptive, right?

But when I peeled back the layers to focus in on exactly where that pull was coming from, it made me really emotional.

I have been on an entrepreneurial journey in the past 2 years to create a brand that fully represents ME.  And what I’ve learned along the way is that Brand Me has always existed, I just wasn’t listening to what she had to say.

When I finally stopped worrying about my list size or how many clients I have on my roster or how many program sign-ups I project to land for an upcoming launch, everything opened up for me.

Because none of that is what makes my heart sing from the mountaintops.

What does is ME getting to show up every day as my true self...honoring the learning and the work I’ve been doing all the days of my life to bring me to this very moment.

This moment where I get to create soul-based work that not only helps others launch their dreams, but it gives them WINGS in every aspect of their lives.

I had the honor and opportunity to speak with my friend Erin DiAngelis in her Success with Soul Summit.

We talk about what it takes to get started with designing a brand that feels like you and why aligning your truth with your business plan is the surest way to find “success with soul.”

(And I want you to have this kind of success too!)

I’m honored to be an expert among a power posse of rockstar women entrepreneurs.

Click here to get my interview and on to amazing interviews such as Erin DiAngelis’s Success With Soul Summit.

I’m totally psyched about this telesummit because it’s for coaches and healers with BIG hearts who want to get out of being stuck in the struggle and be able to help others and make a difference.

We both know that when you surround yourself with a winning circle of people, you find greater success in shorter periods of time.

It's my desire to share with you an amazing, growing network of leaders and visionaries to help you find your true calling and get you on the path to your soul-based brand.

Join me and these amazing success experts HERE.

P.S. Finding your soul-based brand (one that gets you interviews and exposure like this) is truly possible. Read more about Brand You Breakthrough to see how my signature process has already helped SO many clients have massive breakthroughs.


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