The #1 Key to your Success + Its Unlikely Hiding Spot


I need to ask you a pretty personal question today…

One that might stir up some uncomfortable emotions in you, but also one that most definitely needs to be asked:

What is the thing that terrifies you the most- the thing that you are most afraid of doing?

Got it? Good.

Now, as yourself, what would happen in that great big life of yours if you weren’t afraid of doing that one thing?

{ Exhale }

We are held hostage by these imaginary stories we create in our minds...about sharks, and monsters, and speaking in public and launching the business…

And the truth is, the odds of any of these scenarios actually happening is minuscule, right?

Even worse, that percentage is probably even smaller when you think of all of the people who never even try.

I’ve made it my own personal mission over the course of my life to ask myself the question, “What are you most afraid of in this moment and why? Followed by...when are you going to face that thing head on?”

Fear is not the enemy, friends.

Fear is a flashing sign of what we need to work on most of all.

Every time I overcome the thing that I have been afraid of (walking on fire, a big roller coaster, singing in public, having a difficult conversation with a loved one, getting quiet with myself and building a meditation practice…) my life begins to transform in ways I never imagined.

In my business, the thing that I have felt the most afraid of was creating my own personal-growth rock concert; my own event where I could come alive and step on the stage in the fullness of who I really am. Basically- living out my childhood dream of becoming a pop star. Using not just my singing voice, but my speaking voice, my words, my heart and my energy to connect with other beautiful hearts.

I launched this dream when it didn’t exist- when there was no proof or reason to believe that it was going to work- and if I am being honest, it terrified me. But I went for it anyway, because my intuition and past experiences told me that my own personal expansion can only happen when I step into the light I have been shielding my eyes from.

We are now about to dive into year two of this event, and we’ve doubled the audience size, bringing in more amazing speakers and taking the event, as a whole, to the next level.

All of this is possible because I saw fear as the signpost it was, and not as a place to stay and hide.

I couldn’t be more excited to share what’s possible with you through this event and to challenge you to step into your fear and face it head on.

Get on the plane, buy the ticket, say “Yes” to the opportunity, take the chance you’ve been afraid to take… then wait and see what happens.

Face the scary monsters and made up stories, and stop hiding - those lies are the things that keep us tied down in bondage, and the very things that separate us from the joy that is already ours if we will just become bold enough to claim it.

And- if you’re ready to step into the light with an incredible power posse of passionate souls on a mission, come join us at the Ignite Your Soul Summit, live and in color, and see what it feels like to face your fears head on - and walk right on through them.