The Bridge We Must Walk


Today's Sacred Sunday Song
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I don't know about you, but I love the early morning more than any other time of day. 

The newness, the possibility, the space that comes with it gives this hard-working soul heart room to breathe, to catch up with itself and take in the view.

The other morning, I heard our girl climbing up the stairs in the wee hours to snuggle in bed with us as the sun greeted the day outside.

After a few minutes of nuzzling in, she settled between us and we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up before them, as I often do, propped myself up on my elbow and looked over at their sleeping bodies. I felt myself memorizing Anni's 4-year-old face, her sweet lashes and the gentle sweep of her cheek...her soft little shoulder drawing down to her tiny hand gripping her favorite stuffed kitty.

She lay there without moving, her body in the exact same position as Ben's, her clone in so many ways...

I let myself take it all in...his blonde beard a few days from the last shave...a stark contrast to what our lives looked like a year ago when his police career required daily shaving and the more regimented lifestyle that came with it.

I listened to the sounds of morning...the birds outside, the water lapping softly on the shore, the whirr of the cars coasting in the distance.

I found myself completely encapsulated in the moment...the sounds, smells, sights and feelings of my life. 

I thought about the day that lay ahead...5 calls - interviews, a mastermind group call and breakthrough conversations with future clients...and I felt a sense of gentle excitement rush through me.

In the early days of growing my business, that excitement quickly shifted to stress...and the hard edges + inner questioning...

"What are you going to do to 'get' more clients, today, Amber?"

"No one signed up for a call this week, you're not doing it right." 

"You better close something this week....what are you going to do if this doesn't work?"

It was like I had been possessed and all of the good work I had done to create what I created was being erased by my inner bully.

Then there came a point when the intensity of these thoughts and the implications layered beneath them was too much to bear.

The outside-in approach to creating the life I wanted so deeply was no longer working.

And after working with so many incredible women, who were doing the exact, same thing...endlessly seeking the strategies, the how-to roadmaps and the systems to "fix" themselves, I realized I had to choose another path to save myself and to serve in the only way that remained.

I decided that if I was really serious about this work and making a big impact during my time on this planet, it was time to shift my business, my packages, the way I was offering my services to help my sisters connect with what it was we were all trying to find...


I decided to double down on helping my tribe realize that building their TRUST muscle, learning how to tap in to their treasured intuition and develop their skills from this place would be the greatest business (and life) strategy of all time. 

It wasn't until I was able to bridge the gap, from my inner world to my outer work that my life and business began to shift. 

I had a client recently ask me, "But Amber, I know I have to feel my feelings...but, if I'm being honest, I just want a system, I want road-tested strategies, I want formulas..."

I knew where she was.

I remembered standing firmly planted in those shoes. I literally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on programs, trainings and live events to find the silver bullet that would help me succeed faster. 

And, you know what I found?

Much like Santiago's journey in The Alchemist, I saw the world, the underbelly of the outside-in way of living.

I took in the beauty, the pain, the depths...I sought after the answers that lived within me from the very beginning....and found my way back home to realize everything I needed had been there all along.

The journey is the gift.

And the act of journeying leads us back to realizing that the answers we so desperately searched for were always right here...waiting for us to sit quietly enough to listen.

My prayer for each of us is that we can connect the dots on our sacred path....that we can recognize that life has given us exactly what we needed to remember to remember who we really are and what our lives are really about so we can get quiet enough to hear the sound of our sleeping loved ones breathing in the morning light.

Our businesses, our sacred work in the world are not something we have to prove ourselves worthy of, rather...they are the portal through which we get to learn our lessons, share our gifts and live in to the fullness of what life is waiting to deliver us.


My vow to you is that on this sacred Sunday and every day after it, if you give yourself a few minutes to close your eyes and listen to the whisper of your sweet, inner will know exactly what to do next.

You will know what you need to say yes to, what you need to let go of and beyond. 

Love. Love. Love.

PS: One of my Mastermind members shared this in the group space and it was, by far + away, one of my most favorite posts of all time as it punctuated and captured EXACTLY what my programs are about....

My favorite part is that this particular powerhouse started her Mastermind experience without a business and in our 6-months together has created a thriving Academy, 1:1 coaching practice and is integrating all of her passions in one all-encompassing, world-shifting brand. Thank you Kimberly xo

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