The Bus Ride That Changed My Life

image by IYQ Photography

image by IYQ Photography


I just got back from a little soul sister retreat down to Richmond with my bestie.

In the planning process for the trip, one of the details I needed to sort our was how I was going to get myself to the airport.

Ben couldn't take me because he had preschool drop-off duty, so I started researching my options to find the best fit.

Bus, car service, uber, drive + park...pretty straight forward choices...only, we don't live a hop, skip and a jump from the airport.

The ride to Boston is a 66 mile ride one-way and almost always involves significant traffic. 

As I made my travel plans, the bus rose to the top as the most practical and affordable option, except, every time I thought about it, I kept bumping up against the idea of it.

It was bringing me back to memories of being stuck on very long bus rides in my college soccer days and countless work adventures where I found myself stranded at the airport not-so-patiently waiting for the next bus to come after missing it by mere minutes.

At my old job, we were not allowed to park our cars for the sake of protecting our lean budget. The standing rule was that we had to ride the bus or find someone to take us. 

I could feel the 'ol scarcity brain creeping in around me and, needless to say, I spent WAY too much energy on this.

Comical levels of intensity surrounded this bus drama.

In between clients and after dinner, I found myself googling the bus times and calculating in my head what that would mean for my travel plans (rather, how early I would have to leave the house).

I reasoned through why I should take the bus with Ben every night for a week.

I sorted through who I knew worked in the city that I could hitch a ride with.

I asked my dad, my friends...I even offered a free coaching session to anyone who wanted to give me a ride in.

And it looked like I had it all figured out, until plans fell through night before and I was then scrambling to get out the door with my suitcase and my little one clinging to my leg and screaming, "Don't goooo mama!!!"

As Ben peeled her off, I kissed them goodbye through silent tears (it's still hard for this mama to be away), I felt an even bigger wave of resistance rise up in my belly about having to drive to that freakin' bus station.

That being said, I guess it's probably the right moment to mention what you've already figured out by now...

This story has absolutely NOTHING to do with a bus.

As I watched the sun coming up on the horizon and I settled in to the driver's seat, I felt a jolt of excitement about the me days that lie ahead. 

I was excited to write on the plane and people watch in the airport and spend a bunch of time with one of my nearest and dearest while exploring together. 

All of it felt so great, except for this silly bus thing.

And suddenly, a light bulb went off in my brain.


This moment right here is what choosing struggle looks like.

This feeling of unfiltered joy...saying YES to myself and my dreams...while simultaneously and very consciously forcing myself in to a situation that is not in alignment.

It's what we do to ourselves ALL.THE.TIME...every, single jobs and relationships and diets and clothes that make us feel terrible. 

My intuition was screaming at me to stay in that car.

My gut was doing a full-out cheerleading routine to signal that getting off at the bus station exit was a giant N-O.

And right there, in that split second...I did it.

I consciously chose to honor myself, my instincts, my desires and the sacred flow of feeling good.

I kept my foot on that gas pedal and drove right on down to Boston.

I parked in the garage just steps from my terminal and the rest of the travel could not have been easier or breezier.

That shift of focus and subsequent inspired action, including the sweet little lady and her pup Mason sitting next to me on the plane, made all the difference.

My vibrational alignment won. 

I chose feeling good over saving what turns out would have been $50 (say whaaat?). 

And I taught myself a lesson that apparently needed further review...

Good feeling energy is the most important aspect of our lives...and we cannot get from here to our big visions without it. 

Now it's your turn:

Where in your life and business are you choosing to struggle?

Where are old patterns and ways of being keeping you stuck? 

What would carving new grooves and making new waves look like for you?

That might mean hitting pause on the big project or stepping away from that boulder you've been pushing up the hill all these years. 

What would living your joy look like in every aspect of your life + career?

Hit REPLY or comment over on Facebook

I'd love to hear what revelations came to you. 

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