The Sacred Opportunity Living Beneath Your Bottomline

On the night of my 29th birthday, as we drove home from yet another self-sabotaged dinner date, I made a solemn vow that I was fully committed to finally facing my 15-year-eating disorder head on.

As we drove through the dark, I sat in the passenger seat and silently drew a line in the sand.

Years of over-exercising, tormenting myself with meal plans and regimens, hiding away to eat sugar and relentlessly crushing my spirit with negative self-talk was no longer working.

Using this behavior to mask what was going on beneath the surface could not survive in the life I was consciously creating for myself and my family.

And I was beyond ready to dig in to the discomfort ad to start making some massive shifts. 

This behavior was the physical expression of how badly I felt about myself way deep down in my core.

It was the daily reminder that I was still carrying around a set of deep-seeded beliefs that I was not worthy of my dreams, my aspirations, and worse, my own love and compassion.

My level of self-loathing had gotten so extreme that simple acts like getting dressed in the morning and opening the refrigerator door drove me to tears and overwhelm. 

A simple restaurant dinner roll triggered me in to stress mode and going anywhere that included food (aka everywhere) sent me in to emotional overload.

My soul was waving the white flag and I started by finding a professional to help me work through the emotional barbed wire I was wrapped in. 

It took almost 2 years, but during that time frame, I surrendered to the undeniable truth I had been avoiding all the days of my life up until that moment. 

I couldn't live my life in full color without my own self-love and appreciation to light the way. 

I couldn't step on to the field without picking myself for my own team first.

I needed all of me, most especially, the compassionate and loving parts of me in order to be the coach, leader, teacher, wife, mother, friend and daughter I wanted to be.

I certainly couldn't make the big leaps I was dreaming of while carrying around a giant suitcase of self-destruction.

I was finally ready for my surrender.

And this is exactly what I've experienced (over + over again) in this sacred work with incredible Soul Fueled CEOs that I support. 

These women courageously walk the path of their own unfurling, searching and seeking for new ways to grow in to the fullness of who they really are while receiving more and more abundance along the way.

We begin with truth. 

We dig in to the nuts.

We map out a heart-centered strategy to bring everything together. 

And the most beautiful discovery of all, is always the magic of recognizing what game-changing results come from cashing in on being who we really are. 

The more loving and aligned we are with the mission of our lives, the more successful our businesses will be. 

Because being the CEO of your life and business requires you to show up whole - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

And it turns out the greatest opportunity to grow your bottom line begins with coming home to who you really are. 

Just like my client Jen, who had been approaching her business from a super-strategic perspective.

This Feng Shui ninja and soul fueled CEO was muscling her way through the x's and o's and struggling to connect with her ideal client in way that translated into the sales she was ready for.

During our work together and less than one year in to her business, she launched a membership program from scratch and welcomed 26 brand, sparkly new members to join her in the experience.  

"As Amber would say, I "un-clenched", I exhaled, I did the work, I followed through, I exhaled again, I TRUSTED myself...and I trusted the powers at be to bring me what I set into motion...The result- 26 Beauties showed up for my Abundance Academy...we start tomorrow. Thank you for believing in me, even when I couldn't trust myself you knew better and wouldn't let me stop. The Magical Miss Amber... Dream Facilitator, Ass Kicker, Leader of living in your truth. You have rocked my world in the most amazing way...For all you Beauties...expect's on the agenda when you have Amber on your team. So much love to you!"
Jen Heilman, Feng Shui Expert & Creator of the Shway Sisterhood Abundance Academy

The moral of the story: the more we weave who we really are in to our brand and business strategy, the bigger the bottomline.  

Here's what I know to be true:

The moment I gave myself permission to be who I really am in all facets of my life experience, the greater my financial abundance I welcomed in to my world.

We cannot thrive in life without being fully vested in our own expansion. 

What does your soul want you to know? 

Who are you ready to become? 

I am currently welcoming applications for 3 Soul Fueled CEOs who are ready to design their own Empowered Empire

This experience is for women who are ready to build the infrastructure beneath their businesses and brands that supports their greater well-being from all that creates spaciousness, greater alignment and focus...and of course, new levels of abundance.  

A Soul Fueled Strategy + A Rock Solid Support = New levels of expansion to not only increase your bottomline, but your fulfillment factor in this one precious life of yours.

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