My top 5 tips for tackling overwhelm


The last few weeks have been totally b-a-n-a-n-a-s-bannas over here. 

My brother and his fiancé got married AT OUR HOUSE last weekend (it was beyond spectacular!).

Ben went back on the night shift (i.e. this mamapreneur = mornings + afternoons/nights completely solo most of the week)

The babe has been a little sick for the last few days (aka not

And I have been over here going through my own little mild brand-life identity crisis in the midst of it all. #brandcoachprobz

I've been feeling the urge to start stepping out in new and different start getting truthier, more bold, brave and direct as ever in my work.

Because I want to show you my whole self, not just the sparkly bits that feel easy to share. 

I have also been cookin' up loads of new content and feeling the fall fire in my belly to finish 2016 with some serious momentum and magic. 

Part of what that means is a rolling out a brand refresh in the next month or so (squeeee!) with the help of a few special soul sisters to help take it to a whole new level. It also means adding value, turning up the volume on the programs begging to born and creating the most useful content possible to support you in the process of designing and sharing your soul fueled brands and businesses with the world. 

But, with all of this, there's always a catch, right?

The swirl of excitement and the good vibes can bring their own healthy dose of stress and pressure when we're stepping up to the starting line of the future we're ready to create. 

And the truth is, anxiety is an easy road for me to meander on down at a moment's notice.

When my soul care practices are not in tact and I start to lose myself in the process of sharing my light with the world, it's easy to struggle on the slippery slope of overwhelm. 

These last few weeks have been intense, so I decided to call a TIME OUT for you and me, today.

Here are my top 5 tips for slowing down the overwhelm machine:

1. Stop, Drop & Let it Roll

It's a dramatic example, but just like they taught us back in elementary school, if your clothes are on fire, running around is only going to fan the flames even more. Instead, Stop. Drop....and Let it Roll. What are you obsessing about that you actually have ZERO control over? What are you trying to force so hard that it's actually building an energetic wall between you and the thing you want to attract? 

Shift your focus from whatever it is you are freaking out about right now, walk away and give yourself the grace of your own freedom. It's a choice. You get to make it. 

2. Give yourself what you really need

Exercise. Eat. Laugh. Dance. Sleep. What do you really need? 

When we are on a deadline, when we are trying to "make things happen," we tend to forget about our basic needs. I cannot tell you how many times I have skipped lunch and let exercise fall to the wayside because I had important stuff to get done.

And, it's funny, because when I reflect on that, I'm not sure what's more important than getting enough sleep, exercise and proper nutrition for this sacred body of know, the actual physical VESSEL that is going to accomplish all of these tasks?

So what do you really need? How can you put down whatever it is you're doing right now and go make yourself a priority. 

In the words of my favorite bumper sticker, ever...."Eat'll feel better."

3. Ask for help

Ok, Hercules...I'm gonna ask you to put down that hammer for a second...

What would happen if you let someone help you stack that wood?

What would happen if you let someone design that website WITH you?

What would happen if you actually USED those hours you're paying your VA for?

I am the first person to tell you that I've paid for oodles of hours that have gone unused and I am my own worst enemy in this category, but stepping back, keeping a running list of things you can delegate to someone who is *way better at it than you* will transform your life. Trust me.

Where can you enlist the help of someone else in your life and business starting rightthisminute to fast track that success?

I know you've got an idea popping up in your brain let's elaborate and if it helps, go on the record and hit REPLY so I can be your personal accountability buddy. 

I'll go first...

After I hit send on this email, I will be zipping an email on over to my beloved VA with a project I need her help on. The project is getting cold on the proverbial stove because I have yet to send this email and I am doing a disservice to you AND me by not taking care of this.

Consider it done in t-minus 10 minutes.

4. Meditate. Pray. Release

Soul care. Soul care. Soul care. I cannot emphasize enough how important this practice is to your business and bottom line. A frazzled you cannot serve from a place of your highest good. A burnt out, drained coach or service provider cannot tap in to her creative juices, period. End of story.

Sit down. Get quiet. Break out the journal. Go for a walk in the woods. Let the tears flow...

Give yourself the gift of your own undivided attention, every single day, even if it's just for 5 minutes and watch how your life transforms.

5. Take inspired action

When I am feeling totally freaked out, I know that taking INSPIRED and aligned action is the only option. 

The easiest way to do this is to scan my GSD list and pick the one thing that feels awesome and I crank on it. 

Today, that was THIS email to you.

And after this email and my client calls, I am taking my daughter for a run in the gorgeous fall foliage. It's 70 degrees in New England in October today and I am going to take full advantage of that and hit my own refresh button. 

How are you going to take inspired action right now to move the needle on overwhelm and step in to your power?

BONUS: Be like a kid on Christmas morning

Give yourself something to look forward. What are you excited about? What feels like a mini-vaca from the minutia? 

Last week, it was an impromptu pedicure and a cupcake date with myself. What can you do for yourself in the next 24 hours that feels like a "get to" vs. a "have to?"


You are your business' greatest and most valuable asset. 

When you go down, your business goes down.

This constant feast/famine, sprint/jog, collapse/overdo it mode you've been toggling back and forth between is giving you whiplash.

It's time to get focused on what really matters to you. 

It's time to start honoring your greatest resource: YOU.

Over to you...

Tell me...what are you ready to ditch? What are you ready to do more of in your business? Less of? What do you need to ask help for? What soul care practices can you add to the arsenal (esp before the hectic holiday season hits)?

Hit REPLY and share, I would love to know what's working and what's not. 

Sending the LOVE, grace and space you need to come home to who you really are.

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