I did the unthinkable...

A few weeks ago, I did the absolute unthinkable...

My husband asked if I wanted to run a 5K road race as a family. 

I hadn't been doing any sort of regular training and definitely did not feel in tip top shape, but got suckered in to it because there was a kid's "fun run" after the main race and the idea of seeing our girl sporting her little number made me melt.

When the gun went off, the ENTIRE first mile was a slow uphill. 

I tried to stay positive and chipper, but I could feel a side cramp approaching in the first 3 minutes and I was starting to seriously regret my decision to do this race.

We gutted through the next mile and a half and in typical fashion, I flat out refused to commit the mortal sin of walking. 

Then another hill came out of nowhere and it felt like an all out assault.

The cramp was now crushing my right side. My legs were burning and I was sucking wind so hard I couldn't speak. 

I felt like a complete failure, yet I stubbornly limped along.

I remember at about that exact moment, I saw two speed walkers literally pulling away from us in to the distance and the internal loop of critical chatter reached its peak.

We trudged on for another few minutes and I started to notice that there were people all around us who were stopping to walk and then within a minute or so they would be back in their stride passing us.

They weren't embarrassed to slow down due to some competitive, ego-driven standard.

They were giving themselves exactly what they needed so they could perform at their best.

Right there in the middle of the road, a giant light bulb went off in my head and I thought of YOU.

I thought of our journeys as entrepreneurs and how when we don't let ourselves slow down when everything in our bodies is screaming for us to, everyone suffers.

Our clients, our loved ones, our teammates and most especially...US.

As soon as this little epiphany did it's tap dance through my brain, I stopped abruptly and started walking.  

My husband stopped, immediately said, "It's ok to walk, babe. You're not failing." 

My heart strings felt a little pang at how well my guy knows his girl. 

Up until that moment, there has not been ONE road race or competitive racing event, in my lifetime that I have walked. 

Pushing through the pain always meant that the process of finishing would only be valid if it was achieved within these conditions.

I realized that day, that so many of us treat our work in this same way.

Our launch only counts if we max out our programs or hit five figures. 

Our website can't go live until we have that photo shoot and our copy has been polished and scrubbed by a pro.

We put so many conditions on what our success looks like and what this leads to is always, one inevitable result...

Feeling like we're not doing right.

But what if...

  • We didn't have to run our businesses in a full out sprint?
  • We could live our lives running AND walking according to what felt right given the situation?
  • We trusted ourselves and our vision enough to be in it for the long run?

Because the reality is...

Building a successful business is a marathon, not a sprint.

And we need the time and on-going support to make room for all our speeds.

Are you ready to start doing business YOUR way? 

Enter The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy.

Because you can learn the mechanics and strategy of growing a business all day long, but if you can't figure out why your brand and message MATTER, you will fail before you even begin.

Or you will hear crickets chirping because your dream clients won’t connect with you and your heart.

The Academy will help you connect to your WHY every.single.day. so that you can LIVE more and WORK less. 

You will be joined by a power posse of Soul Fueled mastermind buddies to help hold you accountable to your business AND life goals, because that's how we roll.

You will be supported by a coach who knows how to hustle and how to slam on the brakes when things are feeling out of alignment.

This program is like nothing else in the online business space because you are like no one else. 

We've got you. Let's do this.

Doors close on Monday, May 30. 

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Amber's honesty, transparency and love fuels me everyday, inspiring me to dream bigger, aim higher, love more and be the best version of myself! The incredible women in coaching group are always there to help me when I have questions, offer support when I need it most and celebrate my successes! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Amber for your integrity, bravery, love, intuition and insight. You have touched my life, shifted my mindset, and belief system in such a positive way. Thank you!"

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