Are you willing to walk on fire for your dreams?

When I think back to all of the moments in my life when I did something really scary, I can't help but notice that each and every time, there was always a little period of total panic that took over my body right before I made my move.

  • Those seconds before I hit submit with my credit card to invest in my first very online course when I was still working in my corporate career.
  • The minutes before the meeting with my boss when I told her I was walking away from my 10-year career.
  • The 12 steps I took up the basement stairs to end a long-term relationship with someone I loved but couldn't spend my life with.

Fourteen months ago, I was standing in a freezing cold parking garage at a Tony Robbins event with 6,000 people in the pitch black. 

The only light was from the glow of the dozen or so fire pits that lay before us. 

It was in the single digits and my body was shaking uncontrollably from the cold and nerves. 

My friend and I clutched on to each other's arm and slowly took steps forward with the crowd and shot each other glances every few minutes as if to say, "Are we really doing this?"

As we got closer to our fire pit, I repeated the mantra we were taught earlier in the day over and over. I was doing whatever I could to focus and slow the shaking of my freezing cold body. 

We were so close we could see the people in front of us stripping off their shoes to expose their feet to the frigid pavement. 

It was almost my turn, so I slipped my winter boots and wool socks off and tossed them in the bin. 

The cold, wet pavement burned my feet.

The staff members yelled at me to step up for my turn and in that instant I froze.

I felt every fiber in my body tense and this overwhelming desire to to run in the opposite direction gripped me.

I did the only thing I could think to do at that moment...SACRIFICE my dear friend to go before me.

I slid to the side and grabbed her arm and shrieked, "You go first!"

I felt this little panic switch go off on in my chest and I totally freaked out.

It was like I forgot everything I had just rehearsed for the last 6 hours. 

My mind went blank and all I could compute was the visceral notion that humans are not supposed to walk on fire.

My friend stepped up for her turn and didn't skip a beat, she took those 8 fiery steps without hesitation.

I watched her disappear on the other side of the coals and in an instant things came in to focus.

I remembered why I was there in the first place.

Images of my dreams swirled in my brain and as soon as I was given the green light, I took those massively important steps toward the rest of my life. 

I walked with a soft conviction and a knowing that in this moment there was no turning back.

Every, single big moment in my life, from quitting my job, to transferring colleges, to ending relationships with people I loved, but knew weren't right for me, felt just like this fire walk.

And in those defining opportunities, when I said yes to myself and my dreams, everything changed on the other side.

There comes a point when it's too late to turn back.

You're standing barefoot in the middle of winter one foot away from a fire pit. 

Your shoes and your friend are on the other side and so are your dreams.

Saying yes means so much more than the temporary high of freedom.

Saying yes means you are choosing yourself and the truth that lives way down deep inside of you. 

And what I've learned is that the more yeses we give to ourselves, the faster our lives begins to transform before our eyes.

Are you ready to say yes to doing business YOUR way? 

Enter The Soul Fueled CEO™ Academy.

Because you can learn the mechanics and strategy of growing a business all day long, but if you can't figure out why your brand and message MATTER, you will fail before you even begin.

Or you will hear crickets chirping because your dream clients won’t connect with you and your heart.

The Academy will help you connect to your WHY so that you can LIVE more and WORK less. 

I'm standing on the other side of that fire...Let's do this.

Doors close on May 30. 

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xo - Amber

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