We are all survivors of something


Yesterday was a vulnerability sandwich.

I had the opportunity to stand in front of a room full of strangers, just as I did as a 5-year-old child, and tell my story. 

I connected the dots on the trauma that gave me the title of "survivor" before I understood what the word actually meant, with my life in present day as a wife, mother, soul sister and now, owner of a thriving business.

I stood in a room with reporters and cell phones capturing my every word and told the truth.

I spread my wings so I could inspire others to fly free, too.

I shared how the work I am doing in the world, in helping others come home to themselves, is the ultimate celebration for a survivor like me. 

It felt like the exhale I had been waiting for all the days of my life.

And as the event was coming to a close, a mother and father came to me to share that their daughter, too, was sexually abused, but they didn't find out until she took her own life at 25 years old.

We held each other much longer than people who have just met do.

They thanked me for having the courage to tell my story and asked me to never stop sharing my truth with the world. 

I looked in their eyes, held their hands and made a promise to them and to Katlyn and to you.

Because we are all survivors of something.

And the beauty of this never-ending unfurling that is this life, is that we are not alone. 

We are more alike than we are different.

Our fears, our hopes, our dreams...they all come one central theme.

We all want to be free.

Free from the pain.

Free from the chains others have put upon us. 

Free from the chains we've put upon ourselves.

Free to be who we really are.

I cannot think of a more important moment in history for you to step up and in to the fullness that is you. 

And when I stepped on that stage last night, I felt you with me.

Your silent dreams, the fear you've been letting steer the ship...the real you that is screaming to get out...the powerful stories that are ready to rise from the ashes...

It's time. 

We can do hard things. 

I invite you to join me on a journey home...

To who you really are.

To who you've always been.

To the version of you that the world needs to meet. 

8 weeks to transform and begin anew.

To get the ball rolling and the pendulum swinging with a newfound energy and excitement beating inside your chest.

You've got your why, I'll show you how.

The Be About It Mastermind begins on Monday, Nov. 7th.

I would love to share in this life-altering experience with you.

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-Rachel Ibbison, Mommy Blogger & Fitness Coach


- Tory Dube, Healthy Living Expert

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