Choosing Triumph over Tragedy + Presents for my Tribe


Here are the 4 things I can’t wait to share with you this week:

1. You won’t believe this story when you hear it…

When my sweet friend Julie Solomon (who you may remember from THIS amazing chat) told me about Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and her incredible story; I was floored and amazed, and couldn't wait to have her on the show. 

Lauren lost her eye and her hand in an plane propeller accident in completely transformed her life and we dove in to exactly what that transformation looked like in this beautiful interview.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is the author of 2 books, Still LoLo and Your Beautiful Heart, founder of “Stranded”- a dry shampoo company, curator of her lifestyle blog, founder of Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation AND hosts a yearly retreat with Bethany Hamilton for young women who have lost limbs.

She has, indeed, turned tragedy in to’ve gotta listen to this one.


Listen to the conversation here!

2. We all know how stressful that #TravelLife can be, am I right?

Which is why I was beyond psyched when my friend Lewis Howes gifted me a sweet new bag created, specifically for entrepreneurs, like you and me by a company called NOMATIC.

When I brought it home, Ben immediately claimed it….but then our buddies at NOMATIC sent us another one that is literally the size of a carry-on suitcase, only it can fit your entire LIFE in it.

I can fit all of my on electronics and travel must-haves...including my running shoes(!!)  

The best part about all of this? NOMATIC is offering YOU 20% off of their gear for the next 3 months if you use the code: AMBERL20 at checkout!

Use THIS LINK to head to the site + shop your heart out!

If you’ve been eyeing these bags in our Instastories and are contemplating buying one, now is the time to gift yourself some massive travel luxury.


3. Did you hear the news??

My Brand + Biz Academy doors are WIDE OPEN with an amazing bonus to supercharge your clarity and inspired action planning...

If you have been waiting for the invite to join this incredible tribe, NOW is the time.

What's the bonus??

Just for joining this incredible group of entrepreneurs on a mission, I am gifting in my signature program, Brand You Breakthrough to help jumpstart and accelerate your momentum in this course for FREE.

Head here to save your seat NOW and get started right away.

It’s time to show that great big vision of yours to the world.

And my favorite part? Our monthly check-in calls with the Tribe and PERSONALLY welcoming you in (because I do that for every single member of this sweet tribe...and coach ya’ll every single month on a live zoom call).


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4. Soul Sister CEO Spotlight:

In this week’s email, I am sharing one of my genius Masterminder members in a very special new series called the Soul Sister CEO Top 4

Friends, meet Tarrah Wynn <3 

Tarrah is a former fitness competitor, corporate lady boss, turned health junkie. She is a mama of two small boys and a wife. Her zone of genius is helping women breakthrough their fitness and nutrition barriers in an achievable and sustainable way.  

Tarrah started her business to help women bypass the years, money and internal pain she experienced in her own journey by teaching them how to maximize their results without spending hours in the gym or in the kitchen. And she is such a beautiful soul. Check out her Top 4 below...


The Soul Sister CEO Spotlight: Tarrah’s Top 4 Tips for a Strong Body & Mind

  1. We can choose how we feel: Choosing how we feel does not mean pushing feelings down or ignoring them. It simply means acknowledging anger, fear, sadness and even happiness. Notice how it feels in our body.
  2. Awareness around our own energy: We only have so much energy throughout the day. Allowing a negative comment, a bad business review, or that guy who cut you off can suck our energy. Choosing to let these things go helps to preserve our energy for the magical people and moments.
  3. Food has the capacity to change your mind: Real, whole food has the capacity to change our entire outlook on life.
  4. Ask for what you want: Stop telling yourself stories of what someone's reaction will be if you ask. The worst thing they can say is no...but what if they say YES?

You can find out more about Tarrah on her website, and be sure to follow her on Instagram

To learn more about joining the Mastermind, click here.

I’d love to hear what you thought about anything you heard or read today, so be sure to drop me a love note back!