When was the last time you bet on yourself?


I cannot keep count of the number of women I have conversations with on a weekly basis who are more willing to argue for their scarcity and limitations than they are for their own value. 

I've caught myself doing it too.

We create intricate stories that are tethered to past experiences that help us justify why we spend our lives swirling around in a cycle of stuck.  

This chronic and, quite frankly, unoriginal approach to life as a female entrepreneur is exactly what's keeping us struggling in every aspect of our lives.

And the truth is, it's not going to change until we decide we're ready to change it. 

Last week, I received a joyful message from a former client.

During our work together, we not only crafted a soul fueled offering that helped her share her unique gifts with the world...

We identified the places where she had been massively devaluing herself.

We pinpointed where she was:

  • Not standing up for herself when she was blatantly discriminated at work by a supervisor.
  • Not charging what her skills, education and experience were truly worth.
  • Not asking for what she really wanted in all aspects of her life. 

From this new space, she baby stepped her way to launching an offer inside her new business that earned her over 5 figures in less than 20 days! 

But that's not what her message was about. 

Through happy tears, she shared that she had signed on a new client that had been impossible to work with.

She had made the decision that continuing to work with this abusive client meant living out of integrity with herself. 

She told me what it felt like to release the client from her contract effective immediately and send a significant check to her for the remainder of their work together to dissolve the coaching relationship. 

She shared how exhilarating it felt to "stand in her power" despite her fear. 

She celebrated what it felt like to not only value herself, but to model what that looked like for others in the process. 

And you know what happened next?

She walked to the mailroom and opened an envelope from another former client.

In the letter, this former client shared that the results of their work together had been so life-altering, she wanted to extend her profound gratitude and praise in the form of EXACTLY the amount my client had just refunded (!!). 

Talk. About. Alignment.

Through tears she told me that the depth of our work together transcended strategy...it helped her HONOR her own value at its very core. 

A funny thing happens when we step boldly in to our power and recognize that true transformation not only requires the investment of time and money, but the willingness to leave behind what no longer serves us. 

There comes a moment in time when the old tools stop working and, in fact, they start holding us back. 

And when we're open and ready to not only upgrade our business strategy, but dramatically shift how we see ourselves...

Miracles, magic and new levels of expansion are guaranteed. 

I am currently accepting applications for my Soul Fueled Brand + Business Mentorship Experience (and I only have 3 spaces open for this intimate and transformational coaching experience, so don't hesitate). 

This is a unique offering that will help you discover new layers of delicious opportunity within your existing brand and business, and most of all, within yourself. 

Our work together is focused on helping you:

  • Crafting soul fueled offerings, programs and packages that deliver dramatic results that only you can deliver.
  • Boldly step in to your power to share what true transformation really looks like inside your sacred work.
  • Write and communicate a brand story that heals and propels you towards your magnificent goals.
  • Welcome in new levels of abundance that feel aligned with your gifts. 

This deep work will help you dramatically transform your life and business. 

When I look back at what helped me earn $324K in just over 2 years, buy our dream home on the water, step in to becoming the mother, wife and soul sister I've always wanted to be and so much more...

It all began with honoring my true value and betting on myself. 

It's time to write a new set of rules.

It's time to stop trading your precious time for money. 

It's time to create an Empowered Empire that paves the way for the life you were created for. 

It's time to step in to your role as the Soul Fueled CEO™ of your life and business. 

Who are you ready to become?

Take action now and book in an empowered empire free call.

Let's explore and create what you know you're ready to welcome in to your world. 

I look forward to hearing from you.