Kate Northrup Brand Love Soul Chat

Check out my first Brand Love Soul Chat interview of 2015 with the amazing Kate Northrup. She is the best-selling author of Money: A Love Story  and she is also a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur. In today's interview, she reflects on how her brand came to be and how to build a business that grows with us on our entrepreneurial journeys. 

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Here are some of my favorite quotes from the interview:

"If you keep showing up, people will come at their own pace.  You have to have the basics like an opt-in on your website and you have to be putting out good content.  If you are putting out good content regularly that helps people on some level and you have an opt-in box just keep doing it and they will come.  I started my blog in 2010.  It is 2015 now.  I feel like just in the last nine months we have hit our stride." (Kate Northrup)


"I speak from my heart and what is the most relevant and kind of up for me at any given moment whether it is on my blog or in my speaking gigs or in products, the more people resonate." 
(Kate Northrup)

"It is kind of like artists, you have to become trained and know the rules so you can break them. I sort of feel like after a while once you have that 1000 true fans, then people just like what you are doing." (Kate Northrup)

For more  on Kate Northrup, visit her website at katenorthrup.com

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