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Soul Fueled Change in Business Environment

Here's what others have experienced in our work together:


Launching my "new business" was a frightening concept, but Amber was there every step of the way and made it feel almost too easy. 

Working alongside Amber, I was taken on an incredible journey to make my dream of my business a reality. From identifying my ideal client, to overcoming my mental road blocks to learning how to fly on my own, Amber was there.

Then the moment of truth arose, I launched my business, and I put myself out there. I followed Amber's advice, I worked the plan she had helped me create and within 20 days (less than a month!!), I had hit a 5-digit milestone!!

Laurén Carter - College Admissions Coach


I came to Amber with a serious brand identity crisis.

I was stuck in a yucky place where I did not feel like my online presence matched my true self and had absolutely no idea where to even start. 

I can safely say that Amber has completely changed my life.

She helped me push past a massive block and understand who I really am. She works in a way that seems almost magical. After just one session it felt like I took a blind fold off of my eyes. I could clearly see who I was and who I was speaking to.  Ideas began to flow and I actually started to get excited about creating my new brand!

I went from having NO idea what I wanted my business to be, to a few weeks away from launching a brand new website with programs and offerings that are aligned with who I am at my core.

I no longer feel stuck and I am actually excited to do the work everyday.

None of this would have happened if I had not hired Amber as my coach. I am truly grateful for her and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that wants to create a brand that aligns with their soul. She is the real deal and the best investment I have ever made. 

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, NYC fitness & lifestyle expert, Creator of JLG Fitness & The 360 Shift


When I started working with Amber I was feeling overwhelmed with how to reach the women that needed my help, I felt lost, discouraged and although I'd been working a ton on myself I wasn't sure what my next steps looked like. I was client-less and needed some heart & direction.

After one month of working with Amber, I enrolled my first client and did my first webinar training and started showing up consistently and more confidently in my business and in my life (while still working in my corporate job full-time)!!

Coryn Pawliw, Self- Empowerment & Intuitive Coach


Working with Amber is equivalent to super-charging your life.

She has such a way of leading you to a place of inspired clarity. You might feel like you’re not sure, but she can see the big picture and skillfully lead you to it the entire time.

Never in my life have I collaborated with someone so vision-focused and process-based who is simultaneously  powerfully uplifting and understanding.

She inspires you from day one and ignites your soul into action. It is a great honor to be both a soul sister and a friend.

Rachel Camfield, Life & Brand Coach for Creatives + Speaker


When we started on my vision I was lost in what direction I wanted to go in. Amber has a way of pulling information from you that is gentle and effective. Her intuition and guidance are priceless in getting an authentic self expression brand.

She wraps her clients, her tribe in pure unconditional love and sees their greatness before they do.

Her business skills and her team are nothing short of genius. Amber is love, creativity, passion and integrity. She will make you feel as though you are her number one client and will not stop until you have the website you could've only dreamt about.

Hiring Amber has been one of my best decisions, ever.

Sue Burhoe, Certified Holistic Life Coach & Soul Therapy Practitioner


Within the first session I knew I had met my soul sister.

Since then, Amber has been instrumental at helping me unleash my soul’s passion and purpose, to be real with myself about what I really want, and to own and pursue my dreams with an open heart.

In less than two years I went from circling the drain of uncertainty and fear to founding Laney & Lu Cafe which has inspired an ‘eat consciously live vibrantly’ movement inspiring thousands. 

Jennifer Desrosiers, CEO Laney & Lu Cafe and Wild Adventurous Life, Speaker



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