Kate Northrup Brand Love Soul Chat, January 2015

Amber - Hello there, I am Amber Lilyestrom of Amberlilyestrom.com and I am so excited to welcome you to our very first Brand Love Soul Chat 2015 and I could not be more excited than to introduce our guest today, Ms. Kate Northrup!  Hi Kate!

Kate - Hi!

Amber - So Kate is the best-selling author of Money, A Love Story, Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want. She is a professional freedom seeker and creative entrepreneur and she has been featured everywhere from US News to The Today Show to the Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine and a whole lot more.  So, Kate thank you so much for being here today.  I am so excited to dive in and talk to you about your brand and your soul and the love and money and all of it. 

Kate - Well, thanks for having me.

Amber - You’re welcome.  So on the Brand Love Soul Chats, the focus is to create an amazing space for our soul sisters (and some brothers too) to share our journeys with aspiring entrepreneurs, fellow entrepreneurs, and just kind of share the ins and outs of the process and how we got here while giving people that encouragement to say, you can do it too and continue on when it gets hard.  So, I believe that in our businesses what we need is to navigate with our personal mission statement, right?  It’s like our bedrock and what we go back to when we are feeling a little off course.  So, I want to offer that to you.  Can you tell us about your personal mission statement and how that has helped guide you in your building your brand and business?

Kate - I have never actually written a mission statement and every time I have tried, I just can’t.  So, I will tell you that what I am really about and what, if I could come up with a mission statement it would be about is about creating freedom and so it is really creating freedom for myself, of course, for my family, and then for anyone else who chooses to hang out with me either in person or online.  To me, freedom really means the choices to create the life that you really want to lead and what I believe is that when we have true freedom and we are living our lives according to our own decisions, then we free up a lot of mental energy and creative energy and emotional energy, that we can be of much greater service.  If you want to go sit on a beach and drink drinks with umbrellas in them that’s awesome.  I like doing that a little bit, but reality is that you can only sit on a beach for so long.  It is not necessarily about the freedom to do nothing, it is about the freedom to do the things that are the most meaningful to you.

Amber - Awesome, that’s fantastic.  I can completely relate with the freedom saying that I know our viewers can too, right, and specifically, you know, being moms and trying to run businesses and trying to get out of the 9 to 5 and all of these things that play such a big role.  So, tell me about how, because I know freedom is just such a centerpiece to your brand and your business endeavors. So, how did you come to creating the Kate Northrup Brand and, you know doing all of the things that you are doing, writing the book, going out on speaking tours and all that.  How did that happen?

Kate - You know, it all happened… I always feel a little silly saying this because I am so much about mindfulness and consciousness but it really did happen by accident.  I started a blog in April of 2010 because I just wanted to write and up until that point, I didn’t even know that a blog was a thing.  Like, I really didn’t know that people wrote blogs or read blogs or anything and then I started reading Danielle LaPorte’s blog and I loved it and I started meeting all the other bloggers in New York City where I was living at the time and I got really inspired.  But, I certainly was not aware, I was vaguely aware that a blog could be a business but I didn’t really think about that for myself.  I just started writing about whatever I wanted which felt so good because I was feeling a little stuck in my business partnership with my mom and I was feeling a little scrunched creatively speaking and so I just needed an outlet.  I started writing and people really liked it and I started getting subscribers who were people I knew and that was pretty exciting as well.  Then, my first sort of foray into making money with it was recommending a couple of affiliate products because I actually started doing affiliate marketing before I even had a blog or a list.  I just kind of had a couple of things that I had purchased and really loved and wanted to recommend for some friends of mine.  I started with Danielle LaPorte’s "Firestarter Sessions" when it used to be a digital experience and then Marie Forleo used to run a course called "Virtual Mastery" so those are my first two ever affiliate products.  I loved both of those women so much it was so easy to recommend their stuff and so I did and then I was like oh my gosh I just made money doing that and that was really awesome and it developed from there. 

So, when I went on the Freedom Tour which was this road trip I went on in 2011.  It was a 10-month road trip and I was going around the country doing these workshops called Women and Wealth where I was teaching women how to think about money in a new way so I taught them Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax Flow Quadrant which is in my book that I always teach everybody about that any time I get a chance.  I was teaching about money mind set styles some, of the things that I learned from Barbara Stanny and some of the things that I learned from Robert Kiyosaki and other different people and just my own experiences.  That workshop actually basically became my book.  So, that was a workshop that I started with one of my team members in USANA which is a product partner that I work with in direct sales and that workshop became this book.  My journey with my brand has been basically that things have come about that I did not expect nor was a ready for nor was I exactly wanting it to happen which is very weird, whatever it’s my journey.  I will just be totally transparent.  I struggle with a personality brand.  I think it is weird.  That’s just what it is.

Amber - As a branding coach, I can tell you that it unavoidable in a lot of ways.  You are doing a really great job at it and you make it look really simple.  I appreciate that you just shared that vulnerability of like, yeah you know, I am just kind of going as I go.

Kate - Always.  Mike, my husband, is my business partner.  He is away for a business trip.  He went to Chicago for the weekend.  I have been home by myself and we were on the phone yesterday and he said we really need to have a sit down and talk about where do we want our business to go, like what is our vision.  We have all of these projects but I think as a business owner oftentimes we can get so caught up in the projects and lose sight of the overall trajectory and I feel like we are very much at a place of reinvention and turning a new trajectory as opposed to just continuing to bang out projects that keep us going in the same direction.  I am not unhappy about our direction by any means.  It is just like taking that 30,000 foot view is so important so you do not wake up one day five years down the road, and say oh wait this is not the business that I wanted.

Amber - So let’s just dive into that a little further.  While you were speaking, I had a million questions pinging in my brain.  There are two parts to it.  It is the one about, because we have talked bout this offline, about ease and wanting to create greater ease and allowing in life and presence.  For me, presence is a really, really important thing in my world.  I feel like I am trying to evolve to being more present in my life and experiences, whatever those are.  So there is that part.  The other part is one of the challenges I think a lot of my clients have is they feel such inner conflict about feeling like they need to be.  So, like in your case, you have written this book about money and your are a financial expert in a lot of ways but I know you are a Feng Shui expert as well.  You have a lot of things.  How do you navigate that and then show up in the world as Kate Northrup, the whole picture and not feel like you have to just be this one dimensional person?

Kate -  I struggle with that and what I have noticed though is that the more I speak from my heart and what is the most relevant and kind of up for me at any given moment whether it is on my blog or in my speaking gigs or in products, the more people resonate.  I have had so many people say to me when I am struggling and saying I don’t really want to talk about money anymore or I don’t have anything new to say about money, that is actually not true.  But the bulk of it is in the book.  I am not somebody that is going to write 25 books about the same topic, at least I don’t think so.  When I am in that place I have had a few people remind me who are good friends but who are also diehard readers of my blog, they have said to me, Kate, just keep writing.  We want more of you and honestly you can write about herbs or you can write about whatever you want.  Maybe when you first get started you can do that but then at some point you kind of have to dial it down.  So, I got started talking about whatever I felt like and then I dialed down into money and then the book came about and I had this series Financial Freedom Fridays and that really grew the community and I had the Money Love Course which will be coming back out in 2015.  It is kind of like artists, you have to become trained and know the rules so you can break them.  I sort of feel like after a while once you have that 1000 true fans, then people just like what you are doing. 

Amber - Like you.

Kate - Like Danielle LaPorte for example.  I just love her.  I would buy anything she does.  If she started a fashion blog, I would be like great, following every single post.  No problem.  A fashion blog, I am so not into that.  On the other hand as a personality brand, that is a lot of pressure.

Amber - Yes.  So talk about that.

Kate - Then you get into am I going to need to create weekly content for the rest of my life?  When I think about that, I start to panic.  So I don’t think about that.  I just think about what is the next post I am going to do.  Because in reality I have a potential idea list for blogs of 100s for years.

Amber – So, I love that.  I hate rules.  I think rules just make me feel just so contracted and it makes life really hard.  I like toying with changing up my blogs and maybe writing two in a week because I feel really inspired about something or not writing one in a week or whatever and just letting it go, just letting what happens, happen and not setting up such a rigid structure, because that is the beauty of what we do, right?  Do it however we want to do it.  We can change it whenever we want

Kate - Yeah.

Amber - Sweet.  High five to us for that.  We picked the right job. 

Kate - I agree but at the same time you don’t want to be all over the place.  Because I have followed people who are all over the place and you can feel it and its like, okay this person is just completely neverending and this does not attract a lot of energy when you are completely all over the place.  I think that there has to be a thread of something, consistency, and that thread may not be anything you can articulate.

Amber - That gets me excited because that is like the golden thread that runs through us as beings, I think.  That is within you but the layers, right.  So this is where the money stuff comes in and body image issues and relationship drama and all that stuff.  Those things create layers and keep you from getting to you golden center.  How do you get yourself centered when you are all whacked out and feeling out of control?

Kate – I spend time with my girlfriends or I reach out to them.  That is pretty much guaranteed to get me back to my center.  I am a total extravert.  I get reinvigorated through spending time with others.  I find myself spending time with others.  I am not somebody who is going to go sit on a mountaintop by myself for a couple of months to find out who I am.  If I did that I would feel so lost and I would be so depressed.  So for me that really works.  More sleep really helps.  Recently, I have found that cooking is so nourishing, so literally nourishing my body can be incredibly nourishing to my spirit.  It is all just coming back to the basics.  I might be freaked out about this thing or the other thing with my business but I am just going to make a meal right now.

Amber – Back to the basics.  I love that.

Kate – It is really fundamental.  I also just love that and spending time with my husband and knowing that if all of the business stuff went away we could totally just go live in the woods and I could make cappuccinos in a coffee shop or something.  I think this stuff is so fun.  I love my business.  I love it but it also on some level does not really matter.  So it is really nice to come to that place too and make a meal.

Amber – I think you can take yourself too seriously in this realm of being “personal brands” and watching your followers and your numbers and you subscribers and your unsubscribes and all that.  At the end of the day that stuff really does not matter.

Kate – A little anecdote about that.  Mike, my husband, also comes from the internet marketing background and he had learned a lot more about it prior to us getting together.  I knew a little bit about it.  I had taken B-School and I had taken a few other courses but Mike knew much more about the technical stuff like subscribers and conversion rates and stuff like that.  I never really paid much attention to it.  The first time he saw my back office at Aweber which I was using at the time to send out my emails and he saw my open rates he was, like, "Kate, this is ridiculous, the number of people who open your emails.  Your open rates are insane.  Like, this is really abnormal."  I was so grateful I have to say that I didn’t know to track that stuff and I just wrote what I wanted to write and I assumed everybody had that same open rate, I just sort of thought that was normal.  So, sometimes it is really nice to just do your work and I don’t want to say ignore the metrics because you have to make sure you are doing work that is making a difference, that is moving the needle but at the same time especially when you are starting out it can be so easy to obsess about how many likes do I have my Facebook page, how many subscribers do I have, how many opens.  Especially the first year or so, it takes a while to get traction.

Amber – It does.  Thank you for saying that.  Can you just say that again because so many folks are new and it breaks my heart because I am relatively new too but it is like just let the process happen if you can show up as you. 

Kate - If you keep showing up, people will come and they will come and they will come at their own pace.  You have to have the basics like an opt-in on your website and you have to be putting out good content.  If you are putting out good content regularly that helps people on some level and you have an opt-in box just keep doing it and they will come.  I started my blog in 2010.  It is 2015 now.  I feel like just in the last nine months we have hit our stride.  Subscriber growth rate and stuff, but again I check it very rarely.

Amber – Also, I would say too though you are a team.  Congratulations again for getting married last year.  You and Mike have really hit a stride in how you are doing things too.  I was commenting before we started recording about how great all of your branding looks and how organized and tight your videos are and your opt-ins and stuff.  It is just really well done and this is just who you are.  You have such grace about you and such a relaxed sort of demeanor.  It never feels like you are frantic.  You know what I am saying?

Kate – I do and thank you for that.  I have to say that there have been times when I have felt really frantic and we have in the past put out a lot of products last minute and everything is rushed and it feels frantic.  Over the last six months or so there has just been a shift and everything feels so much more calm.  I am so just really willing to slow down and do less.  Well, here is a practical example.  We were supposed to launch the Feng Shui course about a week before we launched it and instead we decided to go to New York City and be there to hide out in Central Park and film and photograph our friends getting engaged.  They had invited us to do that.  Then we were like oh my gosh we are supposed launch this course but the beautiful thing about having your own business is that in a moment like that Mike and I looked at each other and we just said we are going to remember being there for these close friends of ours forever.  This is once in a lifetime and who cares if we launch the course a week late.  It does not matter.  I would also say an addendum to my mission statement is choose love over business.  You don’t have to choose, you can have both.  I have friends who will say I cannot spend time because I am working.  While sometimes you, of course, have to say I cannot be social right now because I am working.  I try to organize my life so mostly I can say yes to that because I know that on my deathbed I am not going to be thinking about how many product launches I get.

Amber – Love that.  Setting those kinds of foundational statements and beliefs about how you want to set up your business are the keys, right?  To set up something that is going to be sustainable long term, again, doing something that feel authentic and feels like you.  I am just reflecting this because I know that both of our followers that is the information, the affirmation that they need in their businesses as some are aspiring and some are entrepreneurs that maybe are not growing at the rate they want to be and it seems like such a simple answer but it always is the answer.

Kate – Just keep going.

Amber – I have some questions from some folks over on Facebook that I want to make sure I get these in and they’re some good ones.  This one is from Meredith and she said I want to transition from my full-time day job to starting my own path, my own business.  However, my only fear is how am I going to support myself until I start making money because I have no savings.  I know exactly what I want to do and how I will get there but I am really worried about how I am going to pull it off financially since I don’t have any money to get off the ground.  She is not asking you to answer that.  She is asking what would be your advice on how to navigate this transition in money mindset, so the mindset part of it. 

Kate – I just have to say something logistically.  I would not quit your full-time job unless you have six months of living expenses in the bank.  Mindset wise, I would say really make sure that you are not talking about this with people who doubt you.  So sometimes like our parents, they love us very much and they insert doubt and they crave stability.  So they can be like oh my gosh what if it doesn’t work out.  If there are people in your life that our doubting and worried it is because they love you and you can also say to them I so appreciate it, I know you are saying this because you love me and what I could best use right now from you is your support.  So, if you are not able to give your support verbally, I would prefer that we don’t actually discuss this topic.  So setting those boundaries will be really helpful because as much positive mindset stuff as you do, if every Sunday you go to eat dinner at your mom’s and she is spinning out and because you guys share the same DNA, you start to spin out.  Other mindset stuff would be continue to watch stuff like Amber’s show here and surround yourself with the stories of people who have done that.  The other thing is if you know exactly what you want to do, sometimes it is okay to have a little credit card debt at the beginning of starting your business.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with that as long as you are not just buying shoes and taking trips to Hawaii and stuff.  If it is a really beautiful graphic design and a few other things that you know will really get you ahead and you will be able to pay this back in a couple of months, go for it.  That’s what credit cards are for.

Amber – Right.  Exactly.  To help you get there, just make sure you are paying them off.

Kate – Don’t carry a balance for any extended periods of time.  You need a little crutch for a couple of months… I am not telling you to go into debt but I am telling you if you are in a job that you really hate and you know exactly where you are going they might give you a tiny bump.

Amber – It is like exchanging the value of the money for something that is important.  It will help you move towards your dream so that ultimately is the right way to do it.  You can tell I have been a good student.  This one is kind of related to some of the advice you just gave.  It is from Jen.  She said how do we break free from our parents’ financial scripts.  When the negative thinking is still something I am hearing on a daily basis.  You might have kind of already answered that.

Kate – I would ask are you hearing that negative thinking in your own head or are you hearing it when talking about money with your parents.  If you are still talking about money with your parents, stop.  If you are looking for an abundance mentality and you know your parents don’t have that, stop looking there.  They don’t sell cheese at the hardware cheese.  Stop going to the hardware store for cheese.  Our parent are who they are and I do believe people change all the time and people transform.  I live for that and we also need to give the people in our lives permission to be who they are and our parents might be kind of cooked.  Like they may be where they are.

Amber – And we don’t have to own that.  That is not our story.

Kate – Exactly.  Noticing what those thoughts are when they come up, I do recommend actually physically writing them down and then flipping them.  So, writing down, I am going to run out of money.  Maybe I will never be able to make it at this career.  Then just flip it and make into an affirmation or a mantra so it could be, I am going to run out of money could be I always have more than enough to cover my needs.

Amber – I have a Post It on my wall per one of your suggestions that money flows to me readily and easily.  So every time I open my wall there have been times where oh, I forgot you were in there.

Kate – Money flows to me readily and easily.  I love that one.  That is a great affirmation.  These things really do help.  You might think that oh that’s so cheesy.  But basically it just redirects your mind.  If your mind were a car driving down the street, you want it to stay on the road, between the ditches.  When you veer off, an affirmation just gets you back between the ditches.

Amber – Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.  I love that.  We have a question from Meg.  She is a coach and says I stop myself from getting more clients because of the dreaded I want to work with you but I can’t “afford it” comment that she gets.  Having once invested in a coach that put me $10,000 in debt, I sympathize with them and at the same time that experience has taught me to show up even more fully for my clients.  How do I extend beyond the pool of I wish but can’t to yes please, today.  I think there is some inner work that needs to be done.

Kate – It sounds like you have your own story which is why you are attracting all of these beautiful teachers as potential clients who are telling you they can’t afford it.  Because you have been burned.  My recommendation is to do a little work around that past story and find out if within yourself what was the lesson from that coach?  What were the golden nuggets in that experience?  Maybe, that coach put you $10,000 in debt and the phrasing is interesting.  You said your coach put you $10,000 in debt.  Actually, she did not.  You put yourself into $10,000 worth of debt.  So go back in time and investigate what was that decision?  Why did I make it?  Did I get any signals within my intuition?  Did I ignore them?  Why?  Why not?  And do some work around that and own your own part in that because if you are able to do that and you are able to see not only how you participated in that situation but then also possibly how it served you.  So maybe you actually do have sharper intuition now.  Maybe you have a better filter.  Showing up even more beautifully for your clients.  How great is that?  Maybe you wouldn’t have shown up in the same way.  Once you own that story and clean it up and own your own part of the story, I bet you your clients won’t say that they cannot afford it anymore. 

Amber – Love that, that’s really good and really, really insightful.  Here is just a practical one.  This is from Margaret.  What was the best tool to help you save and pay off debt when you were used to a pattern of spending?  I know you had a little period there.  Were there any specific tools that you were using?

Kate – No.  I made a really dramatic change in my life and I got out of New York City and I sold everything I owned and I drastically decreased my living expenses.  For me, I needed to do something dramatic.  I am kind of like that.  If I want to make a change I am like an all or nothing kind of girl.  I am either eating everything I want or having no dairy, no sugar, no wheat.  That is not entirely true.  I would say really do something to shift your daily reality so that you change that because sometimes subtle just doesn’t work when we are super engrained.  Certainly, having accountability can really help.  Having a money coach.  I know there are some great money coaches out there.

Amber – One of your courses is a good one.

Kate – Yeah, one of my courses is good.  I would recommend actually tracking...  You know what?  Amber maybe we can put this in the notes.  There was an article that came out today by Farnoosh Torabi and she has a podcast called That’s So Money.  She wrote an article for Time.com about the debt hangover after the holidays and she quoted me in the article but not in the part she quoted me.  There was another part that talked about this app that helps you to cheer you on as you are paying off your debt.  I will send you the link to that article and then you can post it below because I think that might help with this person’s question.

Amber – Thank you for that.  The other thing you said too which really resonated for me and I started doing it.  My bank account is all online and I just open it and look.  I am really not doing a great tracking job it.  There was something there from Paypal for $4.95 and I was like what is that?  I don’t even know and that feeling of do you contract or do you expand to look at a transaction.  When I went to Target the other day I didn’t really expand the way I would have liked to but I bought this really cute bowl.  I think Target is sort of the black hole for most of us.  That brings such awareness when you start looking at it in that way and really take ownership for where your money is going.

Kate – You are the one swiping the credit card.  You are the one that is clicking pay now.  It doesn’t just happen.  We don’t just wake up in debt.  Not to be super tough love but the reality is that you have to take responsibility for your life and one of the things that I think keeps us so stuck is playing the victim and saying this happened to me.  But instead, I love the old saying of things happen for us and not to us.

Amber – You are so wise, my friend, I love it.  This is really great.  We are talking about branding.  What are some of your favorite brands out there.

Kate – I really love Lululemon despite.., I just love them.  I am actually a huge fan of Stitchfix.  I really love the way that the note comes from my stylist and their whole little style card and I think the way they have done their copywriting is really cute.  I love them.  I have said Danielle LaPorte, love her brand.  I am trying to think of some others that I am a diehard for.  But those are some of the examples.

Amber – Every day use pretty much in some capacity right?

Kate – The other one I love is the Dollar Shave Club.  Amazing.  I don’t use their stuff but my husband is a subscriber and he gets their razors every month and their branding is hilarious.  They send a newsletter every month with updates about the employees and it is hysterical.

Amber – Talk about being innovative right?  They have taken something that is so mundane and necessary and totally have just taken it to a whole other level.  I really believe that as a branding coach myself, I love just diving into brands that I admire and watching how they are doing things differently and innovate for us.  It is so fun, right? Because you don’t have to do it the tried and true, yes, have an opt-in, yes, design your website so you can tell your story and have your services and all those things but be different.  If your heart tells you go for that, be fun.  If you like squirrelly fonts, use them right?

Kate – Totally.  And I do recommend when you are in creation mode to put your blinders on and stop going online and looking at other people’s stuff because if while you are in creation mode you’re spending a lot of time on other people’s sites you will come up like a second rate version of theirs instead of authentic.

Amber – It is the same thing for writing, right?  Danielle says when she is writing her books and stuff she just goes nuts.  She doesn’t look at anything.

Kate – I didn’t read any books on money probably for two years because I wanted to make sure my ides were my own.

Amber – That’s good advice.

Kate – And I still honestly have only written one book on money in the last two years.  My friend Tara Mohr wrote a book called Play Big which I highly recommend.  She talks about one of the insidious ways that women play small.  Like we don’t notice, we think we are just being smart but is actually us playing small, just being obsessed with research and thinking we need to know everybody else’s idea or curate everybody else’s idea before we share our own and that is such bullshit.  Like just say what you have to say.  Or work with somebody if you were inspired by them.

Amber – When people say pay attention to what your competition is doing and all this.

Kate – Right.

Amber – I did too.  So what is your philosophy on the word competition?

Kate – I don’t believe it in.

Amber – I don’t either.

Kate – I actually hate it when in our direct selling company with USANA, we make vitamins and people will say who is your main competitors and I say we don’t have any competitors.  Our product is completely unique. 

Amber – I am using them too.  I use products from other companies too but I totally agree with that.  I feel that that is lack of mentality.  If you are so worried about what to your left and right are doing.  I like to watch what my peers, I call them my peers not my competitors, are doing because I admire the work they do and it helps me to do better work in my lane. 

So I love to do this little kind of like fun...rapid fire questions segment of some of your favorite things.  So what is your favorite book of the moment.

Kate -  This summer I read this great book called Essentialism by Greg McKeown that I just adored about really boiling down to what is important and cutting out the extraneous so you really did feel free.

Amber –that sounds awesome.  I will definitely check that out.  I will put in the notes of this all of the books and the different things you have recommended.  What is your favorite song of the moment.

Kate – You know what I am such a cheese ball.  I love that one, I can’t remember who it is by but it is about… it is so cheesy.  It is Ed Sheeran.

Amber – Oh Ed Sheeran.  Is it on the radio right now.

Kate – It is a top 40 song.

Amber – "Thinking Out Loud."  Low key.  I love that too. 

Kate – (It's about how) I will love you until you are old.

Amber – That’s it, Thinking Out Loud.  We will put the link in there too.  What is your favorite indulgence of the moment?  Whatever that might be.

Kate – Napping.

Amber – I fell asleep with my daughter going down for her nap today.  She fell asleep on my chest and I was like I am in heaven.  Napping, high five to that.  Coffee or tea?

Kate – Coffee.

Amber – You went on a bender there with no coffee for a while though right?

Kate – I did no coffee for about six weeks.  I am on decaf but I just love the taste.  Everything is better with it.

Amber – Favorite band/performer of all time because you are in to music.

Kate – Pink.

Amber – What is most sacred to you? 

Kate - I would say probably my relationship with my husband and my relationship with my higher self or my inner guide or whoever that is.

Amber – Love it.  This is a deep one.  When I asked Mel Robbins this she was like Jesus, Amber what are you doing to me?  What do you want most for all of us, what do you want most for us as a people?

Kate – I want most for people to know that they A: actually have choices and B: if they really don’t, to have choices.  Freedom of choice.

Amber – Love it.  This may be tied into what we just talked about but your number one secret to success in your business.

Kate – My number one secret to success I think is being myself.

Amber – Love it.  What your are most excited about right now?

Kate – I am most excited about hopefully starting a family soon.

Amber – Yaay!  You guys will have very cute babies.  We will send good mojo to you to be able to do that and here is my heart-shaped rock.  So what is next for you?  I know you have a lot going on so I want to talk about your courses and things so that people can take advantage and get involved.  I know the 21-day MindLoveChallenge starts tomorrow right? 

Kate – We have our 21-day MoneyLoveChallenge which is free every day starting January 14 through February 3 but you can join any time through February 3.  You will get a daily little actionable tidbit in your email that you can take to put more loving attention on your money and creating more abundance.  We have a Feng Shui for Financial Freedom course that is up for sale all the time which will help you to arrange your space both in your home and in your office to create abundance.  Oh, beautiful, Amber has her Laxmi handy. The results from our students blow my mind.  People say I found out my wealth and prosperity corner is above the fridge and it was this really clogged up cupboard so I cleaned it out and my husband came home with an expected $3000 check.  Things like that.  It is as close to magic as I know how to do.

Amber – It feels like it.  I need to start paying better attention.  I think I need to get real with my prosperity corner in the house.  It is the closet of all the places and we need to go in and just…

Kate – Yeah.  It is so freeing once you do it.  We will be relaunching the Money Love Course in the springtime.  It may have a new name but it will definitely be new and improved.

Amber – Awesome.  So, in order to take advantage, they can grab the links over at katenorthrup.com.  I will have all of the links listed below and just thank you so much.  This was just such amazing wisdom and insight and you are just a lovely person.  I am so grateful. 

Kate – Thank you.  You had great questions.

Amber – Thanks.  I hope it was a little different than normal interviews that you are used to.  People can hear all of those stories.  All of your stuff is everywhere, whether it is in your book on online.  There are some really great videos on your website and talks that you have done and there are lengthy ones. There is lots of Kate Northrup everywhere.  Your story is an inspiring one and thank you for being part of the Brand Love Soul Chat.

Kate – Thank you for having me. 

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