"3 years ago we hired Amber to help with the rebranding of our fitness studio in Portland, ME. and she gave us so much great incite with our website and bringing it to life. She was able to capture our mission completely, where you workout with friends in a place that love families!

We were blown away with the results of the photos & our site.

Then this past year, I went through a tough spot feeling stuck and wanting more. I reached out again to Amber . Here we worked deeper to completely transform the way I needed to show up and get excited about growing my business in a whole new way. Amber’s commitment and motivation got me to find who I am, what I want and how I’m showing up today BIGGER & BRIGHTER.

In one year, I have built a tribe of women from all over the US, a new website, online academy program and starting to do speaking engagements. If you are ready to take your power back and get exactly what you need to be your best and show up in your business, Amber is your key branding strategist and support to get your there.”

-Kim DeMado, Fitness & Lifestyle Expert, Creator of the Kim DeMado Live Fit to Feel Free Academy & Co Founder of Triple Jump Fitness


As a mom and new entrepreneur I was looking for "out of the box" help from someone who understood the challenges I faced balancing these areas.

My primary challenge was figuring out how to connect with potential clients.

Amber helped me see how my story could help build my business and connect with clients, more so than a sterile website.

I saw a lot of changes while working with Amber. I have a revamped website that reflects me and the work that I am trying to do with clients. I have started welcoming clients into my practice. I was featured in seacoastonline.com which has led to multiple speaking opportunities in the seacoast area.

Before I started working with Amber I was frustrated by my lack of success following the traditional ways of launching a business.

She showed me the importance of my story and how all the roles I play (mother, wife, therapist, daughter, entrepreneur) integrate with each other.

After working with her I can't imagine being anything other than an entrepreneur. Amber is wonderful. 

Ashley Blackington, Owner of Home Field Advantage, LLC

There are so many things I could share about Amber + her work, I've sat down many times to write this testimony, to share my story of success through her coaching.

But no matter how many times I tried to convey my true feelings of gratitude toward what she taught me, the words I wrote didn't capture the magnitude. 

I started to tell you that she helped me transition from selling $1 and $20 programs to $600 programs within the first 30 days of working with her.

I began to tell you that my income went from $1200/month to $4700/month by my 3rd month. I thought I would share with you how she forced my eyes open, to stop devaluing my work, how she put the mirror in front of my face and showed me that I was my own worst enemy. I had planned to tell you of all those things, when I decided that's not my true testimony. I owe it to her to tell what she truly did for me. 

So here is my truth from working with Amber:

Amber taught me to own my truth, no matter how pretty or ugly it is. My truth is mine, mine alone. The truth that makes me, me. I can own every single ounce of who I am, my soul, my heart without any guilt because I don't need to change who I really am to be what society says I should be. I can be the nerdy girl who is really great behind the scenes, is dorky & giddy about numbers, studies algorithms like the hottest issue of Vogue, and still rock the business world as a mamapreneur from back stage. 

That is my testimony. Amber taught me to do more of the things that make me happy and less of what doesn't.  To value myself if I want others to value me too and never forget that my truth is unique to me. 

She helped put my restless soul at peace. 

Crystal Honeycutt, Owner/Creator at Train Dirty Fitness & Owner at Moms Love Marketing

I came to Amber with a serious brand identity crisis.

I was stuck in a yucky place where I did not feel like my online presence matched my true self. I knew I needed to align the two, but had absolutely no idea where to even start. I didn't know what I wanted to say or who I was speaking to. I was lost and felt frozen. 

I can safely say that Amber has completely changed my life.

She helped me push past a massive block and understand who I really am. Finding yourself can be a scary process, but with Amber I felt truly supported and taken care of. She held space for me so that I could access areas of my soul that I didn't really know existed. She works in a way that seems almost magical. After just one session it felt like I took a blind fold off of my eyes. I could clearly see who I was and who I was speaking to. Once you are aligned with your true self, everything comes so much easier! Who knew!? Ideas began to flow and I actually started to get excited about creating my new brand!

Once I had my vision, Amber took the reigns and helped focus everything.

I am not a tech savvy person so Amber went above and beyond to help make things more simple for me so that I could actually feel confident about running an online business. I went from having NO idea what I wanted my business to be, to a few weeks away from launching a brand new website with programs and offerings that are aligned with who I am at my core.

I no longer feel stuck and I am actually excited to do the work everyday.

None of this would have happened if I had not hired Amber as my coach. I am truly grateful for her and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that wants to create a brand that aligns with their soul. She is the real deal and the best investment I have ever made. 

Jennifer Leah Gottlieb, NYC fitness & lifestyle expert, Creator of JLG Fitness & The 360 Shift

"When I was at the early stages of taking the leap from my corporate career into my first entrepreneurial adventure, I hired Amber to help me get really clear on brand strategy. 

Within the first session I knew I had met my soul sister. 

Since then, Amber has been instrumental at helping me unleash my soul’s passion and purpose, to be real with myself about what I really want, and to own and pursue my dreams with an open heart.

In less than two years I went from circling the drain of uncertainty and fear to founding Laney & Lu Cafe which has inspired an ‘eat consciously live vibrantly’ movement inspiring thousands.  

Amber’s ability to see my greatness gave me the wings I needed to make massive shifts in my life on every level. I now live a life which is fully integrated in my passion of contributing to a more inspired, healthy community.” 

Jennifer Desrosiers, Founder of Wild Adventurous Life and Laney & Lu Cafe, jenniferdesrosiers.com

"To share my experiences with Amber is pure joy and an honor.

I still remember the day I saw an ad of hers pop up on my Facebook feed. Usually, I ignore these things as you get so many and I am so desensitized by all the ads I see; but hers resonated with me. She drew me in and I immediately went to her website and I scheduled a discovery call.

To say I am grateful for that one moment and for that one (what would seem minute) decision is an understatement. I still remember our first talk as I was sharing my experiences, hopes, wishes...I could Amber saying, "I get it, I completely get it." and she did!

Through Amber, I have not only gotten a crystal clear vision for my business but also for my life. Amber "gets it" in every sense of the word.

She is whip smart in her experience of creating, building, rebranding businesses, but what's even more impressive is her sense of work/life balance and that she has a bigger dream for you than you can have for yourself. She holds firm to her innate wisdom, her unshakeable truth, and her rock solid integrity.

She helped me rise higher in what I thought was possible for myself and for that I will be forever grateful.

Launching my "new business" was a frightening concept, but Amber was there every step of the way and made it feel almost too easy. 

Working alongside Amber, I was taken on an incredible journey to make my dream of my business a reality. From identifying my ideal client, to overcoming my mental road blocks to learning how to fly on my own, Amber was there.

Then the moment of truth arose, I launched my business, and I put myself out there. I followed Amber's advice, I worked the plan she had helped me create and within 20 days (less than a month!!), I had hit a 5-digit milestone!!

And even now, I think back upon that fateful day when I made the decision to schedule a call with Amber and I am eternally grateful. 

If you need an expert to guide you, mentor you, help you, and to believe in you. Amber is the one." 

Laurén Carter, Finding U Admissions

"As Amber would say, I "un-clenched", I exhaled, I did the work, I followed through, I exhaled again, I TRUSTED myself...and I trusted the powers at be to bring me what I set into motion...

The result- 26 Beauties showed up for my Abundance Academy...we start tomorrow.

Thank you for believing in me, even when I couldn't trust myself you knew better and wouldn't let me stop.

The Magical Miss Amber... Dream Facilitator, Ass Kicker, Leader of living in your truth.

You have rocked my world in the most amazing way...

For all you Beauties just starting out...expect magic...it's on the agenda when you have Amber on your team. So much love to you!"

Jen Heilman, Feng Shui Expert & Creator of the Abundance Academy 

"When I started working with Amber I was feeling overwhelmed with how to reach the women that needed my help, I felt lost, discouraged and although I'd been working a ton on myself I wasn't sure what my next steps looked like. I was client-less and needed some heart & direction.

After one month of working with Amber, I enrolled my first client and did my first webinar training and started showing up consistently and more confidently in my business and in my life (while still working in my corporate job full-time)!!

She taught me how to deep dive into my values and my heart and to lead from there. Together we tackled my "not good enough" beliefs so I could tap into my potential and share my message that felt truly connected to me. We also nailed down my logo, branding & marketing strategies that feel most authentic to me!

We spent 3 months together and I came through with so much clarity, confidence and strategies to keep striving forward AND clients! I'm forever grateful for her guidance, support, love and her heart full of passion to help other women to truly step into their passion full time! I cannot wait to collaborate with her again soon!! Xo Love you Amber ❤️"

Coryn Pawliw, Self-Empowerment & Intuitive Coach

"Amber is a light - pure joy and pure goodness. I just can’t get enough of her energy and wisdom!

Every word she speaks is chock-full of love, intention and inspiration and you will always, always leave a conversation with Amber ready to take on the world. Every video, every blog post, every podcast, everything Amber puts out into the world, I pounce on like there’s no tomorrow because I know that my soul will be nourished and energized no matter the topic. 

If I had to narrow my praise for Amber down to one single way she has helped me personally, I’d have to say 'finding clarity'. Through my coaching sessions, Amber has helped me find clarity in my business, brand and life. She has a unique ability to dive right in without much of a scratch to the surface. She digs deep to pull those honest answers and feelings forward; the ones that have been buried deep within for far too long. 

My business and life would not be at all what it is today without Amber and The Academy. To me, this sacred community is priceless." 

Whitney Lang, Balance + Organizational Coach | WhitneyLang.com

"I talked with Amber on the phone and knew instantly that she would be the right business coach for me based on her ability to connect on a soul level in order to uncover my true business aspirations.

She asked pointed questions that got at the root of who I am as a person, what I want out of life and how my business relates to my goals as a mom and entrepreneur. 

Amber helped me uncover what was holding me back from reaching my full potential as a business woman- lifelong judgments and insecurities about myself that she supported me to work through with targeted healing exercises.  

It is with compassion and love, that Amber helped me break old thought patterns in order to release a more genuine and connected self. The confident, unique self who can clearly express and believe in her business. It is this foundation and shift in energy that has helped propel me forward to launch my jewelry line. This mindset change has allowed me to be less rigid, more focused and free to create meaningful jewelry."

Rachel Curwen, Founder of Mama's Linkz Jewelry | Mamaslinkz.com

"Working with Amber is equivalent to super-charging your life.

She has such a way of leading you to a place of inspired clarity. You might feel like you’re not sure, but she can see the big picture and skillfully lead you to it the entire time.

Never in my life have I collaborated with someone so vision-focused and process-based who is simultaneously  powerfully uplifting and understanding.

She inspires you from day one and ignites your soul into action. It is a great honor to be both a soul sister and a friend."

-Rachel Camfield, Life & Brand Coach for Creatives | Carriage House Collaborations & Co.

It's been in the 24 hours post call and things keep clicking into place.

Amber shifted something in me. I don't know exactly all the "powers" she used to do it, but something shifted. 

Amber is a real as it gets! Get in there and feel it yourself.

-Amanda Kingsley, Creator of the WHY Hive & Network Marketing Leader

"Amber and the Brand Love Studio Team were PHENOMENAL in helping me rebrand and create my beautiful new online home! 

I had been dreading a website rebrand, because I wasn’t exactly sure who I was or what I stood for anymore.

I was serving plenty of clients quietly on the side, but there was definitely a disconnect between my website and how I actually was showing up. It just didn’t feel like me anymore.

Enter Amber. From our very first conversation, I KNEW she was the one to help me make it all happen.

Amber expertly and lovingly helped me bust through my inertia and hesitation, claim what I knew to be true all along in my brand and then build a visual representation of all of that.

It’s been a simply AMAZING process. 

Now I am LOVING my gorgeous online home! I honestly can’t stop looking at it! And the best part? It feels totally like me.

My clients have felt this up-level too as I have stepped into bigger and better ways to serve them through this process." 

- Heather Jernigan,  Creative Marketing Director & Business Coach

"Amber has a special gift.

I was five months pregnant and took one of Amber's courses, as I worked through it, and talked with her during calls, my seed was cracking. Each class, each phone call inched me toward my why and clarified where I was meant to be. Amber saw something before I even witnessed my own glimmer in my eye.

Amber saw the precious flower I was, helped cracked my seed and nourished it to blossom to a beautiful flower. 

Since taking the course, I have realized that I wanted to be home with my daughter, I found my talents, and I created my business. I launched my business in January 2016, and I have never been happier. 

I. Am. Doing. It. I am living my dream and it's all because of Amber and her priceless gift."

-Liza Witonis, www.lizawitonis.com

"Amber's coaching has been a game changer.

My business was tanking big time when I met Amber. I wasted so much time over-thinking and over-planning in my business that I was getting nowhere. I was so worried that if I didn't have the best plan or structured to do list, that nothing would get done.

Since I've been working with Amber, and truly listening and applying her loving guidance, I am now finding MY way in my business. Less stress. Less work. More love.

She's helped me find clarity in what I want to offer and has helped me find and breakthrough the blocks that have been keeping me stuck for YEARS.

My business is now beginning to feel much less forced and draining. It seems so counter-intuitive to ask yourself, "What do I WANT to do for my business today?" or "What do I want this to FEEL like?"

Could that really work? YES! By helping you shift your outlook, she shows you that the life you want has been within your grasp the whole time."

-Deb McGranaghan, www.debmcgranaghan.com


"Working with Amber, simply put, has changed my life.

When we started on my vision I was lost in what direction I wanted to go in. Amber held that space for me to, safely and without  judgement, find my way. She has a way of pulling information from you that is gentle and effective. Her intuition and guidance are priceless in getting an authentic self expression brand.

She wraps her clients, her tribe in pure unconditional love and sees their greatness before they do.

Her business skills and her team are nothing short of genius. Amber is love, creativity, passion and integrity. She will make you feel as though you are her number one client and will not stop until you have the website you could've only dreamt about.

Hiring Amber has been one of my best decisions, ever.

She is so much more than a talented Branding Coach. Connecting with Amber can change your life and will most certainly take your business needs to a whole other level. She gets this stuff, she will honor you. Not only will you have a website that you will be proud of, you will have a deep sense of gratitude for having crossed paths with a beautiful soul."
-Sue Burhoe, Certified Holistic Life Coach & Soul Therapy Practitioner

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.04.14 PM.png

"As an established entrepreneur, I know the value of having a personal brand that accurately represents me. I also know the frustration that sometimes comes with trying to find a way to bring that vision to life.

With Amber's expertise and suggestions, she made the branding process easy, manageable and fun.

As a result, I now have a website that makes my heart race when I see it and a brand that feels so much like me I can’t wait to show it off! Wanna see?" 
- Gina Gomez, Business Coach


Bridget Final NO Watermark (21 of 26).jpg

I came to Amber knowing that my website did not reflect who I was and what I offer. It was scary rather than inviting and not surprisingly it wasn't attracting clients - I needed brand help! I also wanted to develop some online offerings, as until that point my business was all face to face clients. I was technically challenged, and didn't quite know where to begin - I felt like I needed help with everything!

Amber had a remarkable ability to tease out clarity from my story. I felt she was really able to see me and recognise my gifts. 

Because of this she was able to help me speak directly to my ideal clients in a clear and inviting way.

Amber created a beautiful website which I love and absolutely expresses who I am and what I offer. After many years of developing my skills, it felt like this was also a birthing of my work in its full maturity. And Amber was a fantastic midwife!

Amber was sensitive, encouraging and motivating. She gave me confidence to step out of my comfort zone and tackle new, technical challenges. She was also efficient, quick to respond, and flexible and went above and beyond what I expected of a coach, I highly recommend working with her.

-Bridget Ferguson, Transformation. Empowerment. Self-Love Coach

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.28.16 PM.png

Branding is a complicated mix of elements. It was Amber's highly organized approach to track progression that inspired me to action each and every week.  I was able to see how far we had already come rather than feeling overwhelmed by what still needed to be accomplished. 

When I did inevitably run into areas of resistance, Amber was accepting and supportive. She would then provide the gentle guidance but still allow me to discover the best course of action for my own business. 

I'm proud of the brand I've developed with Amber's help. It has made many other business decisions easier because I always have a place of clarity - my brand -  in which to operate. 

-Tammy Leitzel, Creator of the Femessence System

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.35.11 PM.png

"Working with Amber was like witnessing the clouds parting during a heinous storm.  She moved us from chaos to clarity and her voice, energy and savvy business skills lifted us up during every meeting. 

Thank you , Amber for your professionalism, your creativity and for being such a joy to work with!"

-Dr. Pam Jarboe, Chiropractor of Community Chiropractic & Board of Directors Member of the League of Chiropractic Women


KS purple dress and glass wall.jpg

"Amber has an amazing ability to bring out the true essence of your brand. She is so giving and really cares about her clients.

During our session we were able to create my tagline for my website. I also walked away with a lot more clarity on how I wanted my website to look, flow, and the feel I wanted people to have when they visited my site. Since our very first conversation together, I was really able to really connect more to my true personality and get more comfortable with expressing this to my community. Amber went above and beyond to help and support me. I am grateful for the time we spent together." 

-Kerry Sheppard, Business Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs


"Before working with Amber, I knew absolutely nothing about Branding. I had worked with coaches in the past, and always followed their models for describing and marketing my business, but never felt they understood me or my goals.

Amber helped me get really clear about what I want to offer my clients, find my unique and authentic voice, celebrate and identify my gifts, and feel like a powerhouse in my business!

The clarity that she has brought to my life and the tools she has given me for growing my business has helped me attract my ideal clients and generate even more money! But what Amber really brings to the table is good-ole fashioned New England honesty and integrity, with a touch of sass and UNBELIEVABLE support! Her passion and drive to help her clients live out their mission is what makes her the best! She gets you, she honors you, and she puts you on the fast-track to success. My work with Amber has helped me to become the coach and teacher I always dreamed of being, and for that... I am forever grateful!" 

-Meg Haines, Life Coach & Healer


"I had been working on creating my own holistic health coaching business for a couple of years when Amber and I found each other in June 2014...and that was the start of a life changing journey for me!

Amber graced my life with her intrinsic gifts of intuition and creativity.  In addition to these natural gifts she also brought years of experience in marketing to the table as well as an amazing ability to put the scattered thoughts of my dreams into a coherent structure on paper.  I had ideas and a website, but no real structure around them.  Amber has been working with me to help define my programs and product offerings and create a website for me that represents the authentic ‘me’ and what I have to offer others.

To add to the package of services she provides she is also a professional photographer.  One of my dreams has always been to have photos taken with a horse. I loved horses since I was young and still do. They represent power, strength, freedom, grace, joy, and gentleness – all qualities I embrace and want to bring to my own health coaching practice.  Well, all I had to do was mention that to her and she made it happen!  She battled poison ivy and just barely escaped the wrath of angry bees during our photo shoot in the fields, but it was well worth the effort!

There is more to starting your own business than just figuring out the technical pieces like the website, photos, and service offerings. Amber knows this all too well having created her own business coaching practice herself with a supportive husband, precious little girl, and frisky husky at home too!  She understands full well that there’s an emotional aspect to it also.  Sure it’s exciting but it can also be daunting at times and feelings of insecurity and doubt can creep in.  During these moments of doubt Amber has been with me every step of the way guiding me with warm and genuine words of encouragement, support, and laughter.

Seeing my ideas come to life in a website and set of program and product offerings that resonate with my soul is more inspirational and exciting than I have words for! Amber’s authenticity and love for helping others build their dreams shines through everything she does!  She chose the name of her business wisely … ‘Brand Love Coaching’.

I only hope my coaching clients are as happy with me and my programs as I am with Amber and hers!  I would recommend her to anyone looking toward the horizon of their dreams!  A journey with Amber will help you get there with a smile and lots of love!" 
-Erika DeJesus, Holistic Health Coach 


Thank you Amber, my BrandLove Coach!!  I had to be without a doubt your most challenging student this summer, but your persistence and commitment to my success with the Camper Guy has been so very appreciated.  Your design skills for the new website were amazing and I received numerous compliments regarding the professional look of the site.  Your support and motivation through weekly calls and emails were instrumental in taking the Camper Guy to the next level.  I can't thank you enough for being a coach, a mentor, a designer and above all, a friend on this journey.  Just watching and being a part of your Brand Love journey has been inspiring and rewarding to see you succeed and Live your Freedom! Thank you and remember, you'll always have a home away from home with your friend, The Camper Guy!
- Rick O'Donnell, Owner of The Camper Guy



"Since working with Amber, I've been thinking differently about what it means to have a brand vs. just having a business.

I have a  clearer vision of the look, sound, and the feel of my brand. I am better able to connect with my followers and readers to give them exactly what they want. I'm getting more website engagement with my sales pages/services.
The website hits for my group coaching program (Mindset Makeover Mastermind) went from <10 to 119 when I implemented Amber's recommendations...
The changes we've made to my sales pages are effective and most of all, they make me VERY happy when I look at them."

-Melissa Toler, Wellness Coach



I loved the clarity that Amber brought to my brand. I was unsure how to go about my branding, and she was very helpful in getting me in the right direction. By the time we finished our sessions, I had a great understanding of what my brand stood for, how to project this for my Clients, and how to ensure I kept the consistency of my brand through my social media posts, website and all communications. I feel so confident with my brand now! I understand how important it is to have this identified when creating your business, especially if your services are based on you helping others. We worked on my colors, website layout, logo, and other items which at that time were still unclear for me to solve. By working with Amber, she made me realize I need to carve out time for myself, and business. As a person, I feel so confident, and ready to face the world with my business, especially after we worked through a couple of items that were holding me back in launching my business.

I'm beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to work with such an amazing talent. She is creative, smart, talented, and thinks outside the box, which is very helpful when working on the Brand of your Business. Amber is an amazing Branding Coach! On all of our sessions, she was always ready to work with me on my items, and was always happy to help with anything and everything. She has this fantastic energy about her that is very trusting, and welcoming, from day one we hit it off. I, without a doubt, would definitely recommend Amber's services to family, friends, and colleagues. If you need clarity or just need some extra feedback on the direction you are heading, Amber is your person. I can't wait to see the what is next for Amber and her business.

-Carolina Velasquez, Owner of The Best Dog Life

Profile Pic.png

This is a shout out to anyone starting a business or looking to grow their brand! I received amazing help and training from Amber Lilyestrom. She really is a passionate soul on a mission. She was amazing help with marketing, entrepreneurship questions, photography, web design, communicating with customers, setting goals, and having breakthroughs. She helped me stretch my comfort zone! I actually have the guts to ask customers for reviews. And me write a blog? Me? She is very inspirational and encouraging. She has helped me think outside of the box with her imaginative ideas. I always felt invigorated after our sessions. Her positive witty outlook helped me remain positive and become more self-assured. I believe in myself! Looking forward to the universe unfolding because I love my brand!! Thanks for the validation Amber…much love!! Hire her as your coach, you won’t be sorry.

-Katie Nelson, Pet Suds Holistic Mobile Dog Grooming Spa


"In just one intensive session I went from being overwhelmed about where to start work on my new website to having a clear structure and action plan. 

Amber shared some great tips for producing content and also helped me with getting clear on my brand name and inspired kick-ass decisiveness- so needed when starting any new venture." 
- Anyaa Karenn, Signature Presence & Style Mentor


"Since working with Amber we have made vital website changes that have allowed us to successfully communicate our brand. We have been able to capture exactly what we are about to clearly connect with our ICA both on our website and Facebook page. We have noticed a huge difference in the productivity of our days as we have been able to identify what needs to be done in order for our business to move forward."
-Kate Chiffey-Gray & Cameron Brogan