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I’m here to help you become a powerhouse business owner
(a business that actually works with your life)

Tell me, have you ever found yourself wondering:

  • Am I worthy of the business dreams and ideas that I have in my head (and heart)?
  • Will my course actually make money?
  • Will people even buy my product?
  • If I don’t know where to start in my business, how can I possibly create an income?
  • Should I start with one on one clients? Or launch an online class?
  • How do I share what I have with the vast sea that is the internet?

I know how you feel, overwhelmed by all the choices that the internet has to offer (coaches, courses, programs) there’s too much to sift through,

I was there too.

When I launched my business, going at it alone, I had to mine through the sea of freebies in my inbox and Facebook ads chirping at me in my newsfeed.

The result?

I enrolled in tons of courses and programs and was starting to OD on information. By the time I was done, I couldn’t take action in my business because I didn’t know where to start.

Does this sound anything like you?

I thought so.

I was missing the anchor and north star to guide me where I needed to be in my business. Someone to help me figure out which end is up.

Have you ever wanted a trusty side-kick like this?

I needed a mentor - one who could understand and connect with me through the process, someone who had already been through it all. Someone to bounce ideas off of and create partnership with me as I grew my business.

I imagine, if you’re reading this, you can relate?

I’ve got some good news...

But first, let’s stop for a moment and take a deep breath
(because I know you need it).

I’ve got you. 

(and the guidance and answers you’ve searching for).


Curious how The Academy can help?

Keep reading.

  • To stop having to self-study your buns off and feel ongoing confusion and overwhelm at the sheer volume of stuff you have to learn?
  • To feel like time is working with you...that you have enough hours in the day to GSD (get sh*t done!)?
  • To sit at your desk and have a game plan instead of staring at a blank screen or scrolling endlessly on social media (I see you comparing over there!)?
  • To have a mentor you can bounce questions, ideas, and action plans off of in real time on a daily basis?
  • To have a community of women who are going through the process with you (and not trying to sell you their next greatest thing)?
  • To have Monthly Coaching Q&A where you will get time in the hot seat so you can keep the momentum of growing your business?

The Academy is the answer to what I know you need as an online entrepreneur: a safe space to explore how you want to do this thing while achieving the results that change your life
(and your business bottom line).

  • Renewed focus for your big vision and business mission (put simply: what you do + why you do it?)
  • Discovering a brand that is unique to who you are - the literal secret sauce to getting noticed online
  • The newfound ability to ride the waves of sales cycles, business growth and personal evolution throughout the different phases of your business
  • Rock solid authenticity in your sales conversations (how to sell in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy)
  • More money in the bank (through offerings you actually enjoy that are aligned with your mission)
  • A clear understanding of your ideal client and the clarity you've been searching for around who you’re meant to serve (so more of them arrive at your virtual doorstep!)
  • Road tested email marketing strategies to grow your list and your bottom line
  • Launch strategies that convert (and a better understanding of why you really need them)
  • Websites that you can DIY on a budget and still look pretty + pro 
  • Increased productivity and a scheduling and email management system that frees you up to do more of the essentials in your business. 

The Academy is safe space for you to birth and nurture your profitable, soul-shifting brand + business.

It helps you focus on the most powerful element in your business:





Module One:
Clarifying the Big Vision

Why have you chosen this work? What does it mean to you? How could you get even more crystal clear on how to support others in a way that makes your heart sing (and helps them get massive results)?

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module One.jpg

Module Two:
The Transformational Power of Branding

Branding is our sacred opportunity to be who we really are in the world. It's our invitation to show up and shine in our highest good, while giving to others the gifts they really need. What story is Brand YOU telling the world and how can we make that story even more compelling?

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module Two.jpg

Module Three:
Overcoming Resistance

Even Superman has his kryptonite. We all face resistance on a regular basis, it's part of the deal, most especially for the brave few who have chosen to walk the path of answering their soul's calling. Dig in to my favorite way to manage and mitigate my own sneaky fears and the walls of resistance that hold me back.

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module Three.jpg

Module Four:
Own Your Day

The world's most successful people are committed to daily rituals and practices to enhance their lives. Join me behind the scenes of my morning ritual and create your own soul fueled way to start each day to help you become a productivity powerhouse and a more aligned version of you. 

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module Four.jpg

Module Five:
Ignite Your Sales, Part I

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module Five.jpg

Module Six:
Ignite Your Sales, Part II

Does the word "sales" make you feel a little bit icky? Does the idea of sharing your prices make your palms sweaty? I've got you covered. Together, we'll break down why sales is a direct path way to life-altering transformation and so much more. From a script for those tricky sales conversations to getting crystal clear on your knock-their-socks-off offerings, we'll dig in to it all.

Soul Fueled CEO Academy Module Six - Soul Fueled Sales, Part II.jpg

Module Seven:
Ideal Client Cheatsheet

Simplicity squared. Who is she? What does she want? What does she have in common with your former self (hint: a person you know A LOT about!)? A nuts and bolts breakdown on how to speak directly to the hearts and minds of your ideal client and help her say YES to her dreams and the next steps on her journey.

Module Seven - Ideal Client Download.jpg

Module Eight:
Email Marketing - Connection, Courage & Commitment

Why do I need an email subscriber list? What does it mean to grow my tribe? What do I do once I have said tribe? Email Marketing can be massively confusing and I want to help take the swirl out of it for you. Let's connect to the magic of email marketing and how having the courage to be who you really are will be the secret sauce to increase your sales!

Module Eight - Email Marketing 101.jpg

Module Nine:
Launching with Love

Launching is a dirty word in online business for most of the entrepreneurs I know. Big-time stress, giant to do lists and throwing money in to the wind without a guarantee on what sort of investment you're going to get back when it's all said and done. Let's talk about what launching actually is and how to create a brand and biz that doesn't require the roller coaster ride of the launch feast and famine cycle. 

Module Nine - Launching with Love.jpg

Module Ten:
The Soulful CEO Trajectory

You are a Souful CEO. Together, we'll recap what this really means for the trajectory of your one precious life and why this philosophy will serve you far beyond the marketing strategies and the bank balance you have been obsessing about. This holistic approach and 30,000 foot view will change the way you think about your business and what it can do to transform your life. 

Module 10- The Soul Fueled CEO™ Trajectory.jpg

download (1).jpeg

"My business was tanking big time when I found Amber. I wasted so much time over-thinking and over-planning in my business that I was getting nowhere. I was so worried that if I didn't have the best plan or structured to do list, that nothing would get done.

Since I've been working with Amber, and truly listening and applying her loving guidance, I am now finding MY way in my business. Less stress. Less work. More love. My business is now beginning to feel much less forced and draining. By helping you shift your outlook, she shows you that the life you want has been within your grasp the whole time." 
 -Deb McGranaghan, Design Your Prioritized Life/VA


"Amber has an amazing ability to bring out the true essence of your brand. She is so giving and really cares about her clients. Since our very first conversation together, I was really able to really connect more to my true personality and get more comfortable with expressing this to my community. Amber went above and beyond to help and support me. I am grateful for the time we spent together." 

-Kerry Sheppard, Business Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs

download (2).png

"Amber has a special gift.

I was five months pregnant and took one of Amber's courses, as I worked through it, and talked with her during calls, my seed was cracking. Each class, each phone call inched me toward my why and clarified where I was meant to be. Amber saw something before I even witnessed my own glimmer in my eye. Amber saw the precious flower I was, helped cracked my seed and nourished it to blossom to a beautiful flower. 

Since taking the course, I have realized that I wanted to be home with my daughter, I found my talents, and I created my business. I launched my business in January 2016, and I have never been happier. I. Am. Doing. It. I am living my dream and it's all because of Amber and her priceless gift." -Liza Witonis, Money Management Coach

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The Non-Techie's Guide to DIY Your Dream Website

How to Become a Productivity Powerhouse Training

Ignite Your Inbox: Eliminating Email Overwhelm

Lights, Camera, Action: Using Video to Rock Your Brand & Biz

Mike J. Watts   Entrepreneur, Speaker + Host of The Kate & Mike Show with his amazing wife Kate Northrup

Mike J. Watts
Entrepreneur, Speaker + Host of The Kate & Mike Show with his amazing wife Kate Northrup

Lisa Fraley   Attorney & Legal Coach for Entrepreneurs, Speaker & Author. 

Lisa Fraley
Attorney & Legal Coach for Entrepreneurs, Speaker & Author. 

Deepa Ramachandran   Accountant

Deepa Ramachandran

Heather Jernigan   Creative Marketing Director

Heather Jernigan
Creative Marketing Director

Kelsey Abbott   Confidence Coach, Writer + Founder of Find Your Awesome

Kelsey Abbott
Confidence Coach, Writer + Founder of Find Your Awesome

Adrea Peters  Author, Screenwriter, Confidante

Adrea Peters
Author, Screenwriter, Confidante

Amanda Loveland  Founder of Wealth University

Amanda Loveland
Founder of Wealth University

Bonnie Kelly  Author, Personal Development & Emotional Intelligence Expert, Motivational Speaker

Bonnie Kelly
Author, Personal Development & Emotional Intelligence Expert, Motivational Speaker

Jen Heilman  Feng Shui Ninja + Founder of the Abundance Academy

Jen Heilman
Feng Shui Ninja + Founder of the Abundance Academy

Carrie Montgomery   Personal Brand Stylist & Style Maven

Carrie Montgomery

Personal Brand Stylist & Style Maven

Meg Haines   Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Teacher

Meg Haines

Spiritual Mentor, Healer & Teacher

Rachel Camfield   Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Rachel Camfield

Transformational Coach & Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Every enrollment in The Academy
provides funding for the recovery, prevention and
education for survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and in encouraging and instilling confidence, creativity and self-expression for girls. 

new AIR logo with writing.jpg

Because giving to grow is not just a business strategy..

it's our life mission.


Your Investment:

$1797 Pay in full


10 payments of $197

Enroll today + get instant access to all modules
and our powerful community right away! 


Not sure if the academy is what you need? 


"Amber digs deep and wants to help you realize your "soul purpose",  and she went above and beyond to do just that. She helped us express the truth and meaning behind what we do. We could not have done it without her and are so grateful for the outcome of our completely rebranded business!  Thank you Amber, from the bottom of our hearts." 
-Dr. Chris and Kelly Dawson, Portsmouth Family Chiropractic


"Working with Amber is equivalent to super-charging your life. She has such a way of leading you to a place of inspired clarity. Never in my life have I collaborated with someone so vision-focused and process-based who is simultaneously  powerfully uplifting and understanding.

She inspires you from day one and ignites your soul into action. 

- Rachel Camfield, Carriage House Collaborations & Co.


"Working with Amber, simply put, has changed my life. When we started on my vision I was lost in what direction I wanted to go in. Amber held that space for me to, safely and without  judgement, find my way. She has a way of pulling information from you that is gentle and effective. Her intuition and guidance are priceless in getting an authentic self expression brand.

She wraps her clients, her tribe in pure unconditional love and sees their greatness before they do.

Her business skills and her team are nothing short of genius. Amber is love, creativity, passion and integrity. Hiring Amber has been one of my best decisions, ever." 

-Sue Burhoe, Certified Holistic Life Coach & Soul Therapy Practitioner


Q: If I’m just starting out, do I really need ALL of this now?

Absolutely! Not only will be you receive massive clarity on how to build your brand and biz the Soul Fueled way from the get-go, you’ll receive private coaching from Amber AND a rockstar community of support.

Q: I’ve been in business for a while, will I learn anything new?

You betcha! The Academy contains not only business and branding lessons, but mindset guidance and support. If you’ve been in business for a while, you understand the power of continually growing, connecting and shifting AND learning from new perspectives....The Academy helps you do all of that!

Q: Should I take the course if I sell products, not services?

YES! The Academy’s powerful, soul-filled trainings apply to you whether you are a coach, a cafe owner, a direct sales marketer, a chiropractor, a writer, a haberdasher, a stylist and more (I’ve worked with ALL of these types of entrepreneurs and helped them create successful brands, mindsets and businesses!)!

Q: How often does Amber interact in the Facebook group?

All the time! I hop in and out on the daily to provide laser coaching, journaling prompts, lives and inspiration to help you stay on track with designing a business and brand that looks and feels like you so you can share your message with the world. I am also committed to answering as many questions as humanly tag a sister in! I've got you boo :) 

Q: Does it matter where I live?

Nope. As long as you have access to the internet, you are golden!

Q: Are refunds available?

Because all of the in-depth coaching components and the course content that is available to you 24/7, there are no refunds available for this course.

Q: Do I have to renew my membership next year?

Nope, The Academy content is yours forever. The monthly calls will continue as we welcome in new members during future launches and we encourage you to go through the modules each year with the group in order to continue to uplevel your business and check-in with your growth!


We can't wait to welcome you!