Live & Biz Optimization Guide

Life as a work from home mama can get a little crazy every now and again, so I put together a cheat sheet of sorts to help you save time and money! These are suggestions based on my own personal experience and tools I use to make life easier, consider it part of #ProjectEditYoLife


  • Get the Target Debit Card - Saves you 5% on purchases and gives you FREE shipping. Links to your CHECKING account (it's not a credit card). It's like using your bank debit card, only it's red and sparkly and it saves you 5% on your purchases. - No brainer.
  • Pre-order diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, shampoo, bubble bath, toiletries, pet needs, etc ALL ONLINE via Target and get the 5% off and free shipping and save yourself the hassle of going to the store with a grabby toddler.
  • Amazon Prime -Free TWO-DAY shipping on Amazon. Get a friend or family member to enroll you and split the cost of signing up ($99 per year). Birthday presents, books, makeup, you name it...order it here and get it in 2 days.
  • The next time you remember a gift or a need, set a reminder in your calendar to order it, or just login and do it. Free Shipping means it's the same cost as going to the store to buy it, only you save on gas and time in wrangling the babe and getting yourself TO the store.

Meal Planning

  • Plan for the week - grab a magnetic dry erase calendar board and map out your meals for the week. No confusion, no last minute grocery shopping, just get it all up there so everyone knows what's on the dinnertime agenda.
  • Batch cook whenever possible...prepare healthy staples like grilled chicken and steamed veggies and have them on hand in containers in the fridge. Makes meals on the go much easier and it makes opting for a quick reheat dinner possible.
  • Use a reliable nutritional supplements to get meals in (shakes/bars/etc). If you are not able to do a lot of cooking and you want easy, nutritious solutions, check out the products I recommend and have been using for my family for the last 4 years. I have a shake for breakfast every day 


  • Do a cleaning BLITZ each and every day...I like to think of it as my cardio...I do 10-15 min of just ALL OUT cleaning....vacuum, cleaning countertops/windows/whatever needs my attention. (mini-workout)
  • Get a Roomba - We've all seen the cat in the shark costume riding the Roomba, haven't we? Well as a proud Roomba and pet owner, I have to tell you that it is as good as it seems. We have wood floors and use it primarily on the hard surfaces, as opposed to carpet; but, it is a game changer. Put it on, go to the store or put it on, go up and work during naptime and voila...VACUUMED house.


  • Use Google Calendar, for the love of God. Connect it with your partners so you can see what's going on with one another...and sync it with a scheduling tool like Calendly. Fully integrated and seamless so you can live your life and not spend another second worrying about when a client is going to book in. 


  • Use Stitchfix and stop wasting time walking around the store in circles. Instead, have a personal stylist send you 5 custom-selected pieces every month. You pay a $20 styling fee and it is waived if you buy all 5 pieces. Most of my wardrobe is now Stitchfix selected.
  • Throw away, donate, get rid of the stuff you're not wearing anymore. Pare down your closet, edit your life, LOVE the clothes you own and get rid of what no longer serves you.
  • Keep it's ok to have a bread and butter or Steve Jobs-esque uniform. Don't waste your bandwidth on what's not going to help you take care of your family and clients or get you paid.