How to Earn Your Happy with Lori Harder


In this episode of the Soulpowered CEO Podcast, I am so excited to introduce you to incredible Lori Harder. Lori is a leading expert in the field of fitness, transformational work, mindfulness. As a self-love junkie, self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur, a network marketing professional, author, cover model, 3-time world fitness champion and more, Lori is no stranger to pushing past her comfort zone. 

On the show, we talk about the powerful shifts we have both made since when we met way back in our competitive fitness days and how the discipline, rituals and mindset work we have adopted has helped us choose the freedom-filled, blissful lives we were created for.

Lori’s heartfulness, authenticity and accessibility come alive in her daily Facebook live chats (in her bathrobe); in her podcast, Earn Your Happy and literally in everything that she does (which is why I love her so much).

You MUST subscribe to her podcast and follow her incredible journey!! 


  • What to think about before you push your personal brand to the world.

  • The key piece you need to be happy and fulfilled in your relationships (and your biz) .

  • Why it’s so important to let your human side come through (even when it feels clunky).

  • What to do with those beautiful soul moments (and how not to mess them up!).

  • How Lori pull back from perfectionism in order to be closer to her message.

  • Lori’s mantra of what she can do when she feels good.

  • And so much more....


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