Focus Friday: The Gratitude Habit


We all know how important gratitude is, but do we ever think about what purpose it truly serves in our lives?

In the United States we just celebrated Thanksgiving, the time of year where people spend a little extra time and attention on what they’re grateful for.

This Focus Friday, however, I am calling you to welcome that practice into your lives each and every single day. We’re not just talking about a morning practice or nightly devotional, but as a way of being.

This one is all about tuning ourselves to the things we truly want, by expressing overflowing gratitude for the gifts we already have.

This is a practice that can change everything for us.

So be sure once the audio ends, to take a moment and reflect on all the gifts you’ve been given, and then feel free to share them in a comment below. I’d love to join in your joy with you.

Happy Thanksgiving friends, I am oh-so grateful for each and every one of you.

Amber LilyestromComment