Focus Friday: Why I Threw Out My Vision Board


Inspired. To be in spirit.

This is the place with which I choose to operate from at all times and the driving intention behind the reason why I threw out my vision board.

Not that there is anything wrong with vision boards (because there isn’t), but because I came to find that I couldn’t be in an inspired state of freely becoming, if my gaze was always fixed upon immoveable and specific things I wanted to become.

But, let’s be real here… you know me.

You know how much I believe in the massive power of manifestation and aligning ourselves, and envisioning all the sparkly feels of what we are called to breathe life into…

So you know I came up with a way to call out to my dreams and my visions, while also allowing for a change in trajectory and a change of heart.

Want to know how and why I did all of this? Then listen up, girlfriend, I can’t wait to share this one with you.

Amber LilyestromComment