Focus Friday: Launch it Ugly


What do CrossFit and my business have in common? In both of them, I have to show up, do the work, meet them where I am at, and not worry about what the girl next to me is doing.

So often in our lives, we allow our fear of needing to do something perfectly, stop us from doing it at all. But we do ourselves a huge disservice when we do this, and in this Focus Friday, I am explaining to you exactly what that disservice is.

This episode is all about learning to step forward, however unprepared we may feel, towards our greatest visions and dreams. It is about doing it imperfectly instead of never doing it at all.

Not sure how to do that? Have a listen friends, I’ve got all the experience on this one, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Bottomline: Progress often does not equal pretty.


Amber LilyestromComment