Money Love, Retiring My Husband + The Upcoming Wealth Series


In this episode, I am diving in to a few of the recent nuggets around money mindset and reframing the conversation around wealth with myself and my clients. 

I share a snapshot of the upcoming Wealth Series I will be featuring on the podcast throughout the month of July 2017 with special guests Denise Duffield-Thomas, Chris Harder, Liza Witonis and Sterling Griffin. All of these entrepreneurs are powerhouses in their own right and are focused on helping their tribes expand in to greater wealth consciousness while releasing their fears and dysfunctional stories about money. 

I cannot wait to dive in to this with you and I shared this particular episode with you from the water, actually IN my kayak on the lake and reflected on this huge moment in time my family is experiencing in retiring my husband from his 11-year police career this week!

Lots of exciting things are happening in the business and here on the home front and I give you a glimpse in this quick episode and highlight one of my most favorite business activities that helps me celebrate abundance. This one will definitely surprise you! 

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