Our One Month Check-in + Reflection on Ben in the COO Seat


Ben and I carved out some time in our new schedule to sit down together and record a conversation about his new role as the COO of our companies and as my right hand man in life and business.

I was so inspired by his takeaways in the short time he has been sitting in the COO seat in a brand new role, working from home instead of a police cruiser and all that has come with that experience. 

If you have been wanting to go in to business with your partner, this one is a must listen.


  • How we made the decision to retire him and move him in to a support role in our company

  • How we have found our feet in this new aspect of our partnership

  • The exact structure of and what we share in our daily team meetings

  • How we balance parenting and business as a couple

  • How Ben made the transition from a highly masculine career to one surrounded by women

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Amber LilyestromComment