Focus Friday: The Sacred Power of Soul Sisterhood


Somewhere along the line- maybe it was in grade school, or maybe it was in my corporate career- I was taught through experience that trusting others + letting them in just wasn’t safe.

Needless to say, when I left that corporate career, the thought of sisterhood felt scary. But over the last 4+ years, I have built the deepest relationships and forged the most powerful bonds with the women I’ve dared to open up to.

In today’s Focus Friday, I introduce you to some of my most sacred sisters, dive in to how trusting one another has transformed our lives (+ businesses), and why we’re so much stronger when we have a power posse standing behind us cheering us on.

In this episode:

  • The sacred bond of sisterhood + the incredible women in my Maine Mastermind [ 1:58 ]

  • What we need more of in our lives + businesses [ 9:00 ]

  • Why we need each other [ 12:03 ]

  • My invitation to you + your sisters [ 12:50 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “One of the most incredibly invaluable by-products of launching my business has been the sacred friendships that have resulted.”

  • “We are better together than we are apart.”

  • “Telling the world about another woman’s light does not dim our own- it helps us to all shine brighter together.”

  • “I do not believe in competition. I believe in collaboration, I believe in cheering each other on, I believe that there is enough to go around- and that the world needs more of our voices.”

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