Focus Friday: Releasing Mom Guilt

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I left my corporate job behind 5 years ago in an effort to have the chance to watch my daughter grow up + to be present for the moments, the milestones + the memories.

Unfortunately, what I didn’t get to leave behind, though I didn’t realize it at the time, was mom guilt- the innate feeling that lies in all of us moms (human + fur alike) that tells us that we’re not doing it right, not there enough or (insert your chosen guilt here.)

In today’s Focus Friday I share how I’ve worked through my own mom guilt, in an effort to not only make more of the moments I am with my amazing daughter  count- but also the moments when I’m not.

In this episode:

  • Mom guilt and how it’s manifested in my life [ 1:08 ]

  • The way to move through mom guilt [ 4:54 ]

  • What happens when we’re not being present for our lives or our children [ 8:10 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Here’s what I know: when I am fully present, when I am more relaxed, when I am remembering to remember what matters most- I am a better mom.”

  • “Our children want us to experience joy in the moment with them; that is their deepest desire.”

  • “We do not need to make up for what we didn’t get or didn’t have as children with our children. We just get to be right where we are, and take action here- in this now.”

  • “Give your life the gift of your own presence.”

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