Focus Friday: Being in the Season You're In


I know I’m not alone in saying that sometimes it feels like everyone else has got it all figured out, while your own life feels like one big perpetual ‘work in progress.’

Which is why I needed to have this conversation with you; because there are days (like today), when I’m right there with you. Some days (weeks.. months.. seasons)- don’t quite go along with the plan; and I’ve finally learned that this is actually part of the plan (whether I want it to be or not)..

Today’s Focus Friday is all about honoring you and whatever season of your life that you’re in. It’s about stepping into the sacred space that is this moment, and it’s about making room for what’s yet to fill it in the next.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Being in the season that you’re in in your life, business and relationships [ 0:41 ]

  • One of my biggest day to day challenges as a mamapreneur [ 3:07 ]

  • What happens when we get stuck “doing” instead of “being” [ 10:01 ]

  • How can you carve out time to have a daily conversation with yourself? [ 17:20 ]

  • How to use our visions to inspire us rather than defeat us [ 18:15 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “If I can’t be in alignment for myself, then you better believe I’m not going to be in alignment for the people I love the most.”

  • “I want you to stop racing and competing with people who are in a completely different race.”

  • “Be on the start line of your own race; be in your own lane. Remember why you chose what you chose for this life and practice being in it.”

  • “We have to stop using our dreams and our desires as a weapon against this present version of ourselves- and allow them to be something that inspires us rather than reminds us of how far we are from where we want to go.”

  • “Make room for the inspiration that’s going to lead you to the creation of what’s next.”

  • “I’m here for the expansion, I’m here for the love, I’m here for the growth; and the pace at which I do that is going to be different from the pace at which others do that- and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

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