Lauren Scruggs Kennedy on Living by Your Own Timeline


It’s hard to know what any of us would do in the face of immense adversity and loss, but today’s guest is an example of how to move through it with dignity and grace- while using it to expand your heart and deepen your sense of self in the process.

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy is the author of 2 books, Still LoLo and Your Beautiful Heart, founder of “Stranded”- a dry shampoo company, curator of her lifestyle blog, founder of Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation AND hosts a yearly retreat with Bethany Hamilton for young women who have lost limbs.

In 2011, Lauren suffered a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of a limb and her left eye, along with severe brain damage at the time of the incident. Not only did she come back stronger than ever, but Lauren also used her struggle as a way to grow, connect with others and give back to a community of people who often feel entirely alone. In today’s episode, Lauren shares with us exactly how she found the strength and courage to do that- and how each and every one of us can too.

In This Episode:

  • iTunes Review of the week [ 4:05 ]

  • Today’s guest, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy [ 4:54 ]

  • Where the mission to create Lauren’s brand came from [ 8:10 ]

  • Lauren discusses what the root of her health problems were and how she is working on them [ 14:56 ]

  • How Lauren is able to balance her health with entrepreneurship [ 24:40 ]

  • Lauren shares the story of her accident and how her life has been changed since then  [ 28:19 ]

  • The most powerful tools Lauren found to help her move through the emotional trauma and pain of her accident [ 37:40 ]

  • How Lauren’s compassion for herself has grown [ 44:56 ]

  • What Lauren believes has attributed most to the success of her brand  [ 53:14 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “My hope is that people read my blog and feel encouraged, and know that they’re not alone.”

  • “I’m on my own timeline.”

  • “Set boundaries for yourself, incorporate rest, know what you need… and that makes you better in your career.”

  • “I really had to redefine beauty in my head, and I had to get rid of a lot of lies that I thought were true.”

  • “There is so much purpose in this hardship and it’s making me who I am. It’s part of my story and it’s developing my character in a deeper way.”

  • “I have a mission to help people live fully and freely in their lives.”

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