Mike Zeller on Stepping into Your Greatness


When you get into business for all the right reasons, truly great things can happen. Today’s guest (and dear friend), Mike Zeller, sees his journey as an entrepreneur as an opportunity to serve others and help them step into their greatness.

Mike Zeller is a business architect and serial entrepreneur who has helped develop and launch multiple businesses over the last 10 years, bringing in over $100 million in combined revenue. He truly believes that when you help people achieve their own greatness, you simultaneously achieve yours.

Be sure to grab a pen and notebook as Mike shares an exercise to help us clarify the areas in our lives and businesses which give us life and those that are bottlenecking our growth.

In this episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ 1:00 ]

  • The 1 month countdown is ON! [ 1:45 ]

  • Today’s guest, Mike Zeller [ 3:05 ]

  • How the world Mike experienced growing up lead him to his work [ 6:40 ]

  • How Mike weaves his faith into his work [ 9:19 ]

  • The most influential books that Mike has read [ 13:30 ]

  • The tools Mike discovered along the way to help him break through obstacles [ 15:23 ]

  • Mike discusses the middle class mindset [ 19:10 ]

  • What you can do to evaluate the places where you could shift from producer to leader in your business  [ 31:30 ]

  • How to evaluate the dollar value of your time [ 35:10 ]

  • How to upgrade your energy and meet yourself at new levels [ 44:45 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “My measure of success is; “have I helped them stepped into their greatness?”

  • “At the end of the day, our divine purpose is to serve the world and make it a better place.”

  • “Part of the middle class mindset is “preserve” and “protect”, instead of “invest” and “expand”.

  • “ Shift from being the producer who get things done, to the leader who gets things done through other people.”

  • “The prerequisite for outsourcing is knowing that you’re going to follow through on doing the higher income generating activities.”

  • “Step into your next level of greatness, so you can pave the path for your tribe.”

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