Jasmine Star on Showing Up Without the Filter


When I was just starting out on my journey as an entrepreneur, today’s guest was one of the women who inspired me to launch my dreams forward and chase them with reckless abandon. Later on on the journey, the Universe thought it would be a good idea to make us Greatness Mastermind sisters and instant friends (thanks U!)- which is why I am beyond excited to introduce Jasmine Star on the show today.

Jasmine Star is a photographer, business strategist and social media genius. She dropped out of law school to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer; and has since built an internationally recognized and award winning business.

Jasmine’s story began the moment she realized she didn’t want to waste another moment settling for the life she thought she “should” have, and she’s been writing the rest of it ever since.

We talk everything from fear and determination, to some insanely helpful social media strategies… so be sure to grab a pen and paper for this one and get ready to be blown away and humbled by this incredible woman.

In This Episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ :50 ]

  • Today’s guest, Jasmine Star [ 1:30 ]

  • How I came to discover Jasmine Star in my early days as an entrepreneur [ 4:37 ]

  • Jasmine’s journey to photography and how it lead her to where she is today [ 6:20 ]

  • What Jasmine dreamt about as a little girl [ 12:17 ]

  • How Jasmine approaches goal setting and building a team [ 15:35 ]

  • Jasmine’s spiritual life and faith [ 21:38 ]

  • Jasmine’s big mission underneath it all [ 24:19 ]

  • We open up about anxiety and insecurity [ 28:05 ]

  • Jasmine talks Instagram and tips to help you up your game [ 35:55 ]

  • Why showing the truth on social platforms matters [ 49:35 ]

  • Jasmine answers about some her of favorites [ 55:00 ]

  • The advice that Jasmine would give her former self [ 1:02:12 ]

  • What Jasmine really wishes people would talk about  [ 1:06:20 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “You’re not guaranteed 25 years- you’re not even guaranteed 25 minutes. What will you do to make the most of what you have now?”

  • “It’s time to make a decision: are you going to live, or are you going to thrive?”

  • “Goals have been a really powerful way for me to continue striving without attachment.”

  • “So much of my life rests squarely in this idea that God has called me to pursue what I’m intended to pursue and put forth effort; but I am not tethered to the result of the effort.”

  • “I believe that I’ve been called to empower the underdogs to succeed- despite the odds stacked against them.”

  • “If you’re only a commercial on behalf of your business, people don’t know how to engage with you as a person- and that’s what social media is about.”

  • “I think that people like to have opinions- I have just decided to remove myself from them.”

Links Mentioned:

  • Grab Jasmine’s FREEBIE here!

Be sure to follow Jasmine on Instagram or Facebook and head on over to her website for more info!