Anniversary Celebrations + Reflections with Ben Lilyestrom

Ben + Amber, 7%2F3.png

Ben and I sat down to celebrate our wedding anniversary and the one-year anniversary since he left his police career to come home and work in the business and our home. 

It has been a powerful year of learning, reflection and discovery and one in which we've experienced quantum leaps in our own personal growth and connection. 

In this episode, we shared:

  • What we've learned about ourselves and one another in working together so closely in the business and home.
  • The growth we've witnessed in each other. 
  • How we've been able to honor our bigger missions/values through these conscious choices.
  • What we've learned now that we're not plugged in to traditional health care benefits and the system of a corporate "boss."
  • How we structure our time together as a family so we can still get work done while homeschooling our daughter.