Focus Friday: Stay Open

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There is nothing quite as peaceful or healing as watching the ocean waves crash into the shore on a perfect midsummer’s day.

I stopped by the water for some reflection + healing of my own recently, and got to thinking about the natural cadence, the rise and fall, of our daily lives.

In this week’s Focus Friday, I share the downloads that came through about our  willingness to stay open, to receive and to let go and trust that what’s on its way back to us, is precisely the very thing that is meant for us.

In this episode:

  • Our daily lives and its ebbs and flows [ 1:40 ]

  • The infinite opportunities that present themselves to us [ 4:35 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I can find my center at any moment as long as I am open to it.”

  • “Create space in your life to discover the equilibrium that you really want to live in.”

  • “Know that the waves are going to rise, and they’re going to take things out of your life sometimes- but they’re never going to stop- they’re always going to continue rolling.”

  • “Infinite opportunities are always presenting themselves to us, but often we don’t see them because we are already too closed down protecting our tender hearts. Therefore we miss the magic that is asking for us to open.”

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