Amber's Top 4 on Rachel Hollis' 'Made for More'

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I went to watch Rachel Hollis’ feature length documentary Made for More on the big screen a few weeks back… and let me tell you- soul sister has got it going on!

In honor of the movie, the collective RISING that it has inspired, and my upcoming interview with Mrs. Rachel Hollis herself(!!), I wanted to share my 4 biggest takeaways from the film, and what we all can learn from the people who have courageously gone before us and watched their dreams take shape + come to life.

In this episode:

  • My key takeaways from the new Rachel Hollis movie, Made for More [ 4:24 ]

  • #1- You can’t have the experience, unless you say ‘Yes’ to it [ 5:35 ]

  • #2- Don’t quit on your dream [ 7:20 ]

  • #3- Rachel’s daily challenge that I am ALL IN on [ 12:10 ]

  • #4- Why ‘keeping it real’ is the key to living in integrity and finding success [ 17:02 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “You have to let the pull of your dream and your big vision be the thing that guides you- not your fear.”

  • “What is the thing that you want most, and how could you take some action in your daily life?”

  • “We have to get really honest about what ‘real’ is for each and every one of us- and then find the courage to actually BE who we really are.”

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