Focus Friday: Opening to the Answers

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In order to receive, we must be willing + ready to open our hands, allowing the answers to come into them. But, I hear it time and time again- that process can feel easier said than done.

In this week’s Focus Friday, I talk about the energetic shifts and the magic that happens when we stop focusing on the problem, and start opening ourselves to the answers.

In this episode:

  • My fertility journey and where it’s lead me [ 2:05 ]

  • Why I’m not interested in solving problems (and what I am more interested in) [ 5:08 ]

  • How to align your energy with the solution [ 9:33 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I don’t have to prove myself, to myself- or anyone else. I just need to BE myself.”

  • “Pay attention to your own patterns and witness what’s happening in your personal body- it’s all connected.”

  • “I’m not interested in solving problems, I’m focused on receiving answers.”

  • “I’ve consciously accepted and realized, my answer to the problem I am facing is always available to me. That information comes through when I slow it down, and I stop staring at it.”

  • “I have to have my palms open in order to receive- I can’t have clenched fists.”

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