Christy Wright on The Antidote to Fear


If ever there was a podcast episode that could help you walk through the fear of doing the very things you feel called to do- it’s this one.

Today’s guest, rockstar mamapreneur and business guru, Christy Wright, knows all too well what it feels like to feel the fear of failure- and #DoItAnyway. Christy is the creator of Business Boutique, host of the Business Boutique Podcast, author of her new book Business Boutique and a Certified Business Coach and a Ramsey Personality with a passion for equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. She has spoken to thousands across the country at women’s conferences, national business conferences, Fortune 500 companies and her own sold-out live events.

Christy has a light-hearted, passionate and at times hilarious way of speaking that inspires and ignites the souls of the people who hear her- and today’s episode is no exception. I couldn’t be more excited to share this sacred conversation about family, faith and the antidote to fear with you, to help you break down the barriers and start living the life you were meant to.

In this episode:

  • iTunes review of the week [ 1:18 ]

  • Today’s guest, Christy Wright [ 3:40 ]

  • How Christy has made the conscious choice to show up as she is in her brand [ 5:48 ]

  • Tips on how to show up as yourself in your own businesses [ 11:27 ]

  • Christy’s purpose and why she does the work that she does [ 14:45 ]

  • The impact women can make in our society [ 18:30 ]

  • The most transformation live events that Christy has attended [ 23:12 ]

  • Christy talks about money mindset and self-worth [ 24:10 ]

  • How Christy has learned to grow a business while raising children [ 32:29 ]

  • How to acknowledge your success when it arrives [ 38:04 ]

  • Where Christy’s work ethic comes from [ 44:00 ]

  • Christy’s favorites [ 46:04 ]

  • What Christy would say to a former version of herself [ 54:35 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Fear is not a sign that you’re doing something bad - it’s a sign that you’re doing something bold.”

  • “When we begin to realize that fear is a normal part of the journey, then it doesn’t have to hold us back.”

  • “The antidote to fear is action. Nothing will silence your fear of doing the thing- like doing the thing.”

  • “Profit is necessary in the financial equation of your business.”

  • “If you want to have a business that matters, then do work that matters.”

  • “If you don’t measure your version of success, then you can never achieve it.”

  • “Failure haunts all of us because we never measure it or define it.”

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