Focus Friday: My Top 6 Birthday Lessons


We’re over here celebrating my 37th trip around the sun + my own personal New Year (as my bestie Rachel Camfield likes to say), and I wanted invite you to join in on the fun- because… #framily.

In today’s Focus Friday I share with you the Top 6 lessons I’ve learned in the last year of my life, what I will be bringing with me, and what I will be more than happy to leave behind.

In this episode:

  • The most important lessons I’ve learned in the last year on my life [ 2:35 ]

  • #1: It doesn’t have to be so difficult [ 4:25 ]

  • #2 Allow your people to see you [ 8:42 ]

  • #3 It’s meant to be fun [ 11:28 ]

  • #4 This is not a race [ 15:40 ]

  • #5 My daily practice is a non-negotiable [ 18:50 ]

  • #6 It takes courage [ 19:49 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I’ve stopped forcing myself to have to do things perfectly.”

  • “My dear friends accept me and love me no matter what; and wouldn’t it be amazing if I could too?”

  • “I have vowed to honor the things that really make me feel the most joy in my work; and to release the things that don’t.”

  • “It takes courage to be who we are in the world, and to share it with others.”

  • “You could never possibly know whose lives will be impacted by your courageous ‘Yes’.”

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