Myrna Daramy on How to Optimize our Online Brand

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Have you ever wondered how to utilize both sides of your brain? Building a brand requires both logic… AND creativity to thrive online.

Today’s guest, Myrna Daramy has been called different things by many people (a not-so-secret SEO weapon, website whisperer, Digital Media expert, Tech PR girl, technology genius).

Myrna’s gift gift is found in her unique and completely individual perspective on all things tech- her architectural and technology management background has afforded Myrna to have a systematic, technical, and organized mentality with equal parts creativity, intuition, and out-of-the-box thinking.  

In this episode, Myrna and I talk all things from mindset to how to tap in to and utilize both our left and right brains. Myrna self identifies as a mezzohead; embracing both her logical and creative sides to use her powers and influence the world.

Stay tuned for top tips on how to optimize our brands for Google. Plus, Myrna tells us why you need a website even if you thrive on Etsy + not wasting $$ on paid advertising.

In This Episode:

  • Today’s guest, Myrna Daramy [ 3:55 ]

  • Women of color in architecture [ 07:10 ]

  • Escaping the shadows of our siblings [ 11:20 ]

  • Overachieving + aligning ourselves [ 15:10 ]

  • DMO = Digital Media Optimization [ 19:15 ]

  • How to optimize our brands for Google [ 23:15 ]

  • Myrna’s 1:1 digital blueprint session [ 26:40 ]

  • Clients compete with each other for a top spot on Google [ 28:10 ]

  • Your website is like your home [ 30:30 ]

  • Paid advertising is unnecessary [ 32:10 ]

  • Quick-fire questions [ 40:10 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “My 50% is someone else’s average 110%.”

  • “Getting into the weeds of what someone’s digital presence looks like is pretty personal.”

  • “Aligning my spirit and where my mindset is going means harnessing and honing in on my superpower.”

  • “If Instagram is your thing; hone in on being consistent with two or three strategies.”

  • “Google yourself and see what comes up.”

  • “Search engines don’t see the pretty; they see all the ugly stuff on the backside.”

  • “Search is a part of our everyday lives.”

  • “Having a website may not be essential for your business, but having a home so you can steer is always a better way to go.”

Links Mentioned:

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

Almost Everything by Anne Lamott

Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo

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