Susie Moore on Becoming an Overnight Rockstar + Media Maven

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Do you have a feeling that information you have will be useful to others? Well, you’re right! My guest today gives her expertise on getting your content shared.

Today’s guest, Susie Moore is obsessed with mastering the confidence game since she was a kid. 500+ self-help books later, a career as Sales Director for a Fortune 500 company, booking herself on the Today show, and publishing her points of view in the likes of; Susie has learned a thing or two about how to master it.

She is a confidence coach who helps people straight up love their life, because anything else is absurd when you think about it.

In this episode, Susie and I dive into her story + how to get our work published. Plus we navigate working around our mindsets to overcome the fear + hesitation that stop us from putting our souls out there.

In This Episode:

  • Today’s guest, Susie Moore [ 6:30]

  • Sharing what makes our lives easier [ 10:00 ]

  • Our obligation to share [ 14:00 ]

  • Be our own publicists  [ 19:40 ]

  • Where to start – know your message [ 23:15 ]

  • A story can be any transformation [ 30:20 ]

  • Who is the audience of your piece? [ 36:00 ]

  • How to pitch the piece [ 40:00 ]

  • Guest posting lives in perpetuity [ 44:00 ]

  • Too busy to be published? [ 45:40 ]

  • Link to social media in the guest post [ 49:00 ]

  • Happiness is the goal of all other goals [ 50:50 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “If I can share what I know, then the impact I want to have is going to happen.”

  • “There is somebody who wants to know what you know; it is generous to share your knowledge.”

  • “The media is so powerful; if you use it for good, then it is the gift that keeps on giving in so many different ways.”

  • “As soon as you are in the media, you are a thought leader.”

  • “It is great to reach people, but the more, the better when it comes to impact.”

  • “Rejection is an illusion. I don’t take anything personally.”

  • “When I got started, all I had was a Twitter page.”

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