Focus Friday: Enjoy The Ride


What would happen if we all just gave ourselves permission to ENJOY our lives?

So many of us are stuck in holding patterns that have been handed down to us… but the purpose of life isn’t to struggle- it is to LIVE.

In today’s Focus Friday, I share what it means to enjoy our lives...and how we can get on to the business of doing so- today.

In This Episode:

  • What would happen if I decided to enjoy my life? [ 2:20 ]

  • The life altering shift that can come with an intentional decision [ 3:35 ]

  • My morning “routine” and how it opened me up to magic [ 5:00 ]

  • The signs and nudges along the way [ 12:35 ]

  • How can you enjoy your life in the now? [ 15:15 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “It’s not our preference, but it’s our pattern- it’s how we’ve been wired.”

  • “It’s about the journey, it’s about trusting the nudges and not being so locked in on exactly how the path has to unfold that you miss the miracles along the way.”

  • “The reactions that we have to the experience of our lives are a testament of where we are and how we’re living.”

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