Focus Friday: How to Stop Panicking About Money


Growing up, were you taught money was scarce and hard to come by?

In this week’s Focus Friday we are diving deep into our money mindsets! If we have a core belief that attracting money in abundance is challenging; it will feel exponentially painful when we do not have control over our finances.

We have an opportunity to see things with a different lens. Providing value + service to others is always going to be the highest vibration through which we can serve.

Instead of thinking about how we are going to generate more revenues, think about how we can best utilize our light + energy to fulfill ourselves and others.

In This Episode:

  • Welcome in abundance [ 5:35 ]

  • Provide value + service to others [ 7:45 ]

  • Giving all of our energy to our offerings [ 10:25 ]

  • Challenges that arise with the universe [ 13:45 ]

  • Interrupting the thought patterns [ 15:55 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “It doesn’t feel very soothing to work with someone who is having a panic attack about money.”

  • “We can’t welcome in more if we are focusing on how little is available.”

  • “We have to be inspired and creative in order to generate more of the good stuff.”

  • “Suffering + spinning in uncertainty is not going to help you change your financial situation.”

  • “Our businesses are built by our energies.”

  • “Receive the abundance in exchange for the value you provide.”

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