Chris Harder on When Good People Make Good Money, They Do Great Things

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I am super psyched to introduce you to my friend, Chris Harder. I just love the synchronicity of this conversation! Chris and his wife Lori have been an incredible inspiration for me and my family as we retire my husband from his 11-year police career as we speak and have him join in my business full time. Chris and Lori are an amazing example of people courageously living a life they built from scratch to unimaginable heights and their journey has been a huge inspiration in the vision that Ben and I have created for ourselves.

Chris believes that when good people make good money, great things happen. With his podcast, For the Love of Money, Chris motivate his listeners to claim their right to abundant living and their responsibility to help others do the same.  


  • Why we’re addicted to our comfort zones

  • How to decide which fears can control your decisions and how to learn from them to take action

  • How making more money can enable you to do more good

  • Chris’ sacred agreement with his wife that helps them continue to grow

  • How chasing your passion will make you the sexiest you’ve ever been

  • Why ultimatums can be empowering in our relationships

  • Why you need to release the fear of chasing your passion


  • Lost himself in Corporate America until he was forced out

  • Redefined his fear to take a chance on entrepreneurship

  • Started a 7-Day Generosity Challenge to create a chain of good

  • Created jobs and security for his family by building a business


  • What are some things you do to bring forth what you desire?

  • How do you get past the fear that you won’t make enough money?

  • What tips do you have for women who are nervous about taking the next step?

  • What advice do you have for partners who want to leap for a big goal that their spouse may not be in total support of?


“We are addicted to our comfort zones. We are so afraid to not have comfort for even one day, that it causes us to miss opportunity.”

“You have to have those moments where it feels scary and crappy sometimes. Without those moments, you’re never going to step into what you’re meant to do.”

“You are inspiring people to get out of their comfort zones and do something big if that’s something you do out loud.”

“You are at your sexiest when you are living in your passion.”


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