Destinee Berman on How to Launch Your Calling

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Are you looking to launch your work online and serve bigger?

Today’s guest, Destinee Berman, is a digital marketer, online launch manager, and lifelong learner. Her passion is helping established spiritual teachers and healers bring their life’s work online so they can reach more people around the globe – while creating more space and freedom in their own lives.

She has supported her clients with launching online platforms in yoga, astrology, metaphysics, and mindfulness; adding multiple six and seven figure revenue streams to their businesses each year.

In this episode, Destinee and I dive into her powerful transformation story + we cover tactics as it relates to launching and welcoming in our dream clients.

Plus, Destinee describes how entrepreneurship is about being honest + deep. The level of impact and the outcome of our launches is directly related to where our internal state is at.   

In This Episode:

  • Reinitiating ourselves in the digital space [ 6:40 ]

  • Destinee’s inner shift [ 12:10 ]

  • Traumatic past lives [ 15:00 ]

  • The feeling of inferiority [ 17:40 ]

  • Navigating perfectionism [ 19:15 ]

  • Recommendations for building a new identity [ 21:15 ]

  • Dropping into our moment + willingness to change [ 23:10 ]

  • Freebie content [ 26:00 ]

  • Steps to build our launches [ 32:00 ]

  • Campaigning for awareness  [ 34:40 ]

  • Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey [ 37:40 ]

  • Destinee’s most profound transformation [ 45:00 ]

  • How to survive a launch [ 47:25 ]

  • Rapid fire questions [ 51:15 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Expect fear but don’t let it ruin you.”

  • “I love micro videos; it forces you to get your teaching succinctly.”

  • “Focus on nurturing. You need to grow and nurture at the same time.”

  • “When you have multiple touch points, it creates a field that pulls people in.”

  • “How much you are willing to grow on your spiritual journey directly translates to your business.”

  • “My first launch was a six-figure launch. On day two, I was crying in bed.”

  • “If you put less pressure on it, it will help when you’re going through a down day.”

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