Focus Friday: Are You Obsessed with Getting it "Right?"


Have you ever found yourself following someone else’s ideas in an attempt to replicate their success?  

In this week’s Focus Friday, the topic weighs heavy + hot on my heart; our obsession with getting it “right”. We find ourselves making sure we follow the right steps, that we study the people who are doing it well and we try to do it the exact same way they did.

By trying to replicate others, we are missing valuable + brilliant insights that belong solely to us. The framework for our success is the same for everyone; however, what we show and what we say gets to be ours, and ours alone.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why most entrepreneurs feel massively frustrated [ 3:20 ]

  • Why we must pave our own paths [ 6:00 ]

  • It’s okay to look to others for inspiration [ 8:50 ]

  • How to connect through touch [ 12:30 ]

  • That we are all growing at our own pace [ 15:20 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “Have the courage to do you.”

  • “Every business has a soul if you let it.”

  • “Create from the inside out.”

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