Focus Friday: Are You Repelling Your Dream Clients?


In this week’s Focus Friday, I’m inviting you to dive deep beneath the surface to ask yourself all of the reasons why you might be blocking your ability to truly serve your dream clients.

In the episode I share a story about one of my clients who was going through a troubling dilemma this last week. Through our in-depth conversation, she was able to experience a powerful revelation that allowed her shift her vibration and get into a space of massive clarity. 

My hope is that our conversation and the things that we learned from it will allow you to have your own revelation + to get crystal clear on the ways you’re blocking what is already yours from making its way to you.

In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • How I worked with a client was completely confused about what to do next [ 3:00 ]

  • Why we cannot get to where we want to go if we are operating in a place of terror [ 5:10 ]

  • How to find the areas where you lack integrity [ 7:40 ]

  • Why our limiting beliefs are holding us back [ 12:20 ]

  • The way you are repelling your dream clients [ 17:30 ]

  • How to know if you are ready for your breakthrough [ 21:10 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “What we project out in the world is always what we attract.” 

  • “We are repelling our clients with the exact vibration of what their biggest problem is.” 

  • “We have to reconcile what is happening to us in our moment to serve.”

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