Focus Friday: Navigating the Hard + the Happy

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In today’s Focus Friday, I share with you the things I lean in to when life hands me my most challenging days.

We all have the opportunity to tiptoe gracefully through the hard moments so that we may embrace the happy ones…and in this week’s episode, I invite you to widen your view, zoom out, and ask yourself- how am I navigating mine?

In This Episode:

  • Month seven of the home expansion project  [ 1:00 ]

  • It is not going to look perfect; it’s going to be uncomfortable [ 7:25 ]

  • The pain of loss burns because love is so big [ 8:25 ]

  • Business opportunities to acknowledge + evaluate hardships [ 11:00 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I’m feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.”

  • “We really do need to become the energetic match for how we want to feel.”

  • “You just have to learn how to go with the flow in this one sacred life that you have.”

  • “To be human is to navigate the hard and the happy.”

  • “It’s how we see the nuances of life more intricately.”

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