Focus Friday: Quitting the Comparison Game

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Do you ever compare yourself to others on Instagram and find yourself stuck in feelings of inferiority?

In today’s Focus Friday, I dive in to the lie we tell ourselves when we think we aren’t good enough because of the acidic + influential environment on social media these days… and how to stay firmly planted in who we are and what we feel called to do.

In This Episode:

  • Instagram comparisonitis [ 1:55 ]

  • Why I felt inferior [ 3:10 ]

  • Standing firmly planted in ourselves [ 6:35 ]

  • Dig in a little deeper [ 09:30 ]

  • Taking radical personal responsibility [ 12:05 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “The landscape of our life is the canvas for us to make our mark.”

  • “What would it feel like to set goals in your business that belonged to you?”

  • “Your frustration with them is all about you.”

  • “It is not about comparison and competition, it’s about co-creation.”

  • “With each of those unfollows you are thanking those people for being part of your journey.”

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