Focus Friday: Want to GROW Your Business- DO THIS!


This is a PSA for all of my sisters out there who have been waiting for permission.

In today’s Focus Friday, I talk about why female entrepreneurs do not share their stories at the fear of looking too competitive. In truth, we need to share our stories and messages with all of the hearts that need to hear them in order to grow our brands.

My challenge to my sisters is to STEP IT UP! Start thinking differently, create your own version of your business, and reach that big vision.

In This Episode:

  • Difference between male & female entrepreneurs [ 2:35 ]

  • Telling our stories [ 5:30 ]

  • Thinking differently + creating your own vision [ 7:40 ]

  • Female millionaires will change everything [ 10:30 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “These men will throw money, time, and energy at their growth. They will stop at nothing to grow their brands.”

  • “We show up to play pass; we don’t show up to win.”

  • “We aren’t giving anyone the opportunity to like what is ours.”

  • “I want every one of my soul sisters to be incredibly wealthy. Millionaire-status girlfriends.”

  • “Let’s get on the field, put on the cleats, and score the goals because we are here to win the game.”

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