Jamie Eason Middleton on Honoring Your Faith in Life & Business

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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a job that no longer aligned with your values?

Today's guest, Jamie Eason, has built a career that has aligned with her deepest beliefs, and is showing us all how to do the same. Jamie is a cancer survivor, model, women's fitness enthusiast, mother, and wife. Her LiveFit trainer, articles, recipes, and motivational photos have helped thousands of people get fit and change their lives.

Jamie has proven time and time again that lifting weights and building muscle is not only for men. Women all over the world have followed Jamie's lead and found that curling dumbbells and squatting barbells have made them stronger, healthier, and happier with their appearance.

In this episode, Jamie reveals her journey and how surviving cancer twice transformed not just her overall health, but her career path as well. She believes that when we show up authentically and honestly in our businesses- the benefits trickle through to every other area of our lives.  

In This Episode You’ll Learn: 

  • The journey that lead Jamie to where she is today [ 8:45 ]

  • Why we shouldn’t squander our platforms [ 19:10 ]

  • Why we should be proactive about our health [ 25:30 ]

  • Where to start with strength training [ 29:20 ]

  • How many calories we should be intaking [ 32:45 ]

  • Why it’s a myth that lifting weights will make us bulky [ 35:10 ]

  • When to relax our diets [ 37:50 ]

  • Staying fit during + after pregnancy [ 44:50 ]

  • Tips on growing a brand [ 51:15 ]

  • Why extravagance does not = happiness [ 53:50 ]

  • Why it’s important to always go back to our values [ 58:20 ]

  • Why we need community [ 66:00 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “At age 22, I had breast cancer. At age 28, I had a reoccurrence, it really scared me.”

  • “I made sure my values aligned with everything that I did.”

  • “How do we want to influence the world with our platforms?”

  • “I didn’t yo-yo a lot in my weight. I never ate an extreme diet.”

  • “Wrapping our value up in our appearance is a dead end road.”

  • “Strength training is all about having good form.”

  • “Women are so terrible about undereating.”

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