Jen Heilman on Attracting Abundance with the Art of Feng Shui


Jen Heilman is a dear friend and a total Feng Shui ninja. 

She helped us sell our house in 9 days and attract in our dream home here on the water. Her practices, tips and principles have become a sacred ritual to us as a family and I am totally jazzed to share her wisdom and knowledge with you today on the podcast. 

Jen Heilman is a Feng Shui expert, Breakthrough Facilitator, Transformational Coach and a Mamapreneur on a mission. She teaches soulful women how to use the amazingly effective methods of Feng Shui to access clarity, guidance, empowerment, and inspiration in their lives and businesses.


  • What Feng Shui actually is and how you can start using it right away to attract in abundance and clarity.

  • How to read a bagua map

  • How to evaluate what's going on in your inner world through what's reflected in your outer world and surroundings in your home.

  • How taking out the trash translated to receiving checks in the mail for Jen and her husband.

  • The 8 different areas in your home and how to start "schwaying" them up right away.

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